Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Uh huh, it really is ME!

I am completely and totally embarrassed that I have been doing so horribly at this blogging thing.  Let me put it to you straight.  If I'm actually blogging, that means that I stay in my pj's until noon, the kids run and scream and cry and fuss for my attention, but since I'm blogging I ignore them so they wreck the house or smear butt paste all over themselves and the bedroom, I then lose my temper, then I feel bad for losing my temper and let them eat ice cream for lunch, then I feel like a bad mother and cry until their handsome father returns to set me straight again.  OR....I ignore the computer and this blog and keep a sort of straight house and the kids are much happier.  Surprised that I'm being that honest?  I kind of am.

If I would quit being lazy and get up at 5 am to run on the treadmill, tan, blog about it, shower, makeup...the whole 9 yards, all before the children rise between 8:30 and 9, we wouldn't have this problem.  So send on the encouragement or tips for getting up when you really don't have to.

Luckily when I got on here tonight my pics uploaded in just a few seconds.  The last few times I blogged it had taken literally all morning to put 4 pics up.  So, I guess it's fixed.  Maybe I was waiting on that.  lol

I'll just start where we are now.  Not sure I can remember everything that has happened since Christmas.

My sweeties @ the Grab the Gold RR,
which we won!!  Yippee
I have been working in my front flower bed.
That's the cedar border.
Ok, well Riley has been helping a little.

Scout built this fancy house tonight,
while Reno was bathing.
I think she enjoyed a few moments
minus the bro wrecking everything!
She announced that it was a drive-thru.  lol
Yep, I hate to admit this girl loves her
some Sonic and McDonalds.
So I'm cooking and I look over to find this.
Mr. Thang had put his cap on by himself.
Since Mr. Thang doesn't speak he knows tricks such as
fluttering his eyes, sticking out his tongue, etc.
I start taking pics, he starts showing off.
He is such a goober!!
We love him, though!

You're Welcome P Wood!!  

Goodnight and we'll see you again soon, promise!



Jennifer said...

What is it about kids and butt paste?? The other night mine were being so quiet. John commented on how nice it was. I told him that meant something bad was going on. Sure enough, we found them in Quintin's room eating butt paste.
Well, Quintin has just opened it and was helping Paisley eat it. And smearing it in the carpet.
That stuff IS NOT fun to clean up!

Rachel said...

Sounds like y'all are busy!

Love the pictures!