Monday, October 24, 2011

Surprise, surprise!!

I know you can hardly believe your eyes, a blog post by Tori. Things have just been non-stop around The Smith household and I have tried to rest in my spare time instead of blogging. Forgive me!!

I hope you like the makeover. My new, but I've-never-met-in-person-friend Jennifer did it. She seems to be a pretty handy lady in every since of the word. I can't wait to meet her at the ranch rodeo this year. Speaking of ranch rodeo its almost time for the WRCA - WCRR.

Since I've been MIA, we've had family pictures, new blinds, a family reunion, a first birthday party, a wind-storm, and a new pediatrician just to name a few. We also took Bonnie Concho to Fair on the Square in Canyon, TX. It was our first on the road show. Tiring, but great fun. Of course I don't have pics of anything but the birthday and well duh the family pictures. They turned out great and I highly recommend using Dusty.

I'm gonna re-break ya'll in kind of slow with a few random pics for today.

We wrestle like "wild-indians"!!

We play outside every chance we get.

(Gotta love static electricity in his little blonde "fro".)

My little "Miss" thinking she's all grown-up.

This storm was on Monday, October 17th. We had just gotten home from Reno's one year well check (with the new Dr). I think It blew in sometime between 4 and 5. Not sure of the exact time. It happened really fast though.

It was sooo creepy looking. I of course was afraid it had a tornado in it.

No electricity for a few hours, but I didn't care. I was just glad to be at home.

Hope to report again soon!!


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