Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Western Heritage, Mamas, & Rain!!

 Hi!!  Hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day with rain, like we did here in Earth.  We started the weekend off in Abilene.  Tripp, Autumn, and Randy (Red) were showing in the RHAA Finals.  I just can't stay away even if my hubby isn't showing.  

There is good shopping and some wonderful family members we always get to see.  Ken and LaRue took us to the Bee Hive Saloon (downtown) for supper. I would say it was the best steak I've had in awhile.  
Summer painted this girl riding a bronc on Autumn's shirt.  Isn't it so cool?  You can see all the other stuff she is painting here.  She mostly takes custom orders and as her uncle Riley says, "She paints anything that will be still."

I have gotten a little side-tracked here, but back to the contest......Everyone did well.  The cattle were a little HOT sometimes causing trouble when it came time for roping.  You can't win every time, right?
 Trail and Scout are pretty much inseparable.  Maybe I should rephrase that and say she is stuck to him like glue.  Poor guy, but he is so sweet about it.  You should see them out at their house going back and forth to the barn holding hands.  He is such a sport!! 
 I did a brave thing and had Mother's Day here.  Well maybe the brave thing was attempting to cook prime rib for 20+ people.  ****Note:  If you are using Pioneer Woman's recipe, which is absolutely delicious, allow 2-3 times longer than she says.  I had all these people hanging around waiting to be fed and we waited for almost 2 hours for the silly thing to finish cooking.  It was pretty yum and I'm already planning to try it again.

Speaking of Mother's Day, I think this is a great picture of Tripp, Tandy, and I with our mom.  Wow!!  Jane looks like one of us girls.  I sure hope she passed on that anti-aging gene.  
 Me with my toots on Mother's Day evening.  This was after we ate supper at DQ and they were running wild, must've been the ice cream.  We aren't dressed up and looking spiffy, but we are happy.  
 One of Reno's new tricks is tying a calf.  Last month we got him to rolling it up for patty cake.  We kind of forgot about it but then at Joe's Boot Shop Calf Roping he started doing sort of the same thing, so now it's calf tying.  That does fit a boy better than patty cake anyways.  
 Scout is mid cheerleading jump here.  She has never said too much about it, but has obviously been watching the cheerleader at games.  
It seems I've saved the best for last.  RAIN, RAIN, RAIN.......we received a little over two inches in two days.  Reno ended up falling in a few moments after this was snapped.

I thought I might need to give the cashier in the garden department of Home Depot a little talking to.  She was wishing for it to stop.  "City folk", or maybe I should say "college kid", either way she is clueless. 

I don't even mind pulling the weeds that are popping up everywhere!!  


Jennifer said...

I hate when people complain about rain!
Looks like fun! I wanted to go, but couldn't get my husband talked into it. Such a homebody.

Rachel said...

I don't like when folks complain about rain either. Ugh.

Seems everyone had a blast!