Friday, July 30, 2010

T-W-O pics (as in TWO year old)

So you know my sister-in-law Kaitlyn Claire is a photographer. Unfortunately she lives at San Antonio, work as an accountant, and isn't always here in West Texas when we need some pics. But....If you live in the San Antonio area I recommend Kaitlyn Smith. Check out her pics at

So for Scout's two year old pics I used Kacie Templeton who is a relative of a relative. She did an awesome job and I highly recommend her if you live here in the area. Scout also did great even though it was hot and she was expected to be still and smile at the camera. Enjoy our little joy!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy to be at Happy!!

This past week we attended our annual church convention at Happy, TX. It is always a great experience, plus we get to see lots of family and friends. Since our horse trailer has AC we camp in it.

Scout bosses Rylan around much like I know I bossed her mother around years ago. Sorry Larkin!!

Scout with Ruby and Tyleigh (Ruby is from NM, Tyleigh is from AR)

Sisters.....Ruby and Hattie

Rogan is the only little boy in the bunch. He will have a Smith boy cousin soon, though.

Boy did August love Scout's wagon. ( long as that's all he ever loves about her! lol)

Cousin Lizzie giving Scout some advice. Can't wait for her to be at WTAMU this fall.

Us by our "home". Yes my body is growing quite large, it looks way too big for my head???

Mimi and Papa

Scout and I with Papa

Sisters....again! Mom and her big sis Pat.

You would have to know my father-in-law to get his sense of humor.

This is more like it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese's

Scout has been officially introduced to Chuck E. Cheese's thanks to Jason and Heather Spangler. We celebrated Haylee's 5th birthday. Thanks guys....she hasn't asked to go back yet, so you're clear so far. It was better than I expected and yes, they do actually have a really good salad bar.

So Scout loved it of course and ran like a wild woman from toy to toy.

Scout drove poor Chuck E. around all night long. This was her favorite ride. You put a token in, the car moves, and it takes your picture. I think we have about 20 pictures.

Cowgirl Haylee!! She wears this hat everywhere and it's the cutest thing. She knew to smile for her picture.

Jason & his "Mini-Me" Leah!! I'm not sure how she can look exactly like him and be soo cute?

Great fun wearing her butterfly hat party favor!!

I think she has a future in least mama and daddy are hoping so. Riley would try to argue here, but I spanked him a couple of times in basketball. Of course he is so competitive that we had to "play til Riley wins".

Bethany also known as "Beffy" by Scout is sort of shy.

Notice Scout has a spoon in hand and a few blobs of icing are already gone.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 4, 2010

We stopped at the Wood household on our way to Colorado Springs. Mom broke out the costumes. Here is Scout dressed as a kitty cat.

Trail as the "Big Bad Wolf".

"Swim in the water" what Scout calls this. She had a great time with her cousins and her Dad had a great time try to get Summer in the pool. Daddy always makes her go under. I'm not that mean.

Talking with some kids. This child doesn't know a stranger. She'll get right in the middle of a group of kids that she doesn't even know.

All decked out for July 4th.....watching the "yo-yo" (rodeo).

It is such a relief for mama when she rides with Dad and I don't have to worry about her running off or jumping off the stairs.

Riley riding a bronc and being picked up by his good friends Rodey and Sage. The deal was that if it looked like he was gonna get bucked off Rodey would just come pick him up. If you look closely they are talking the whole time. Pretty funny!!

Wild milk? JC, I never have let you have it for that. What am I waiting on?

I swear they are twins except for the 15 year age difference.

Love Tripp's the way he won Top Horse. I guess you can smile however you want when you are as good as him.

Our family, yes my eyes are bugged out. If you chased Scout all evening yours would be too. By the way.....Riley won Top Hand.

After the 8 hour drive home we popped fireworks at David and Julie's. Scout liked them pretty well.

Ready to call it a weekend, but FUN it was!!

Thanks for the comments. Be patient, we'll get caught up someday.