Monday, August 15, 2011

When I'm a Big Boy

Scout - "Mom... When I'm a big boy like Trail, I'm not gonna wear a girl swimming suit, just shorts and no shirt to swim around."

Me - "Scout... You're always gonna be a girl!!"

Maybe she's confused because this is what she and brother do for fun? Yep, naked in the flower bed.


Scout tells Autumn about our cat Donut.

"Donut, she's a boy."

All of this in one day. Hmm....Riley will be home for lunch soon, I'll let him handle this one.

Happy Monday!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Luv these kids!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Earth Ranch Rodeo 2011

The big city of Earth has been having an amateur rodeo during the third weekend in July for ummm....forever. Seriously I think somewhere around 65 years.

Sandhill has put on a ranch rodeo for the last 8 years. It usually takes place during the first week in August.

This year the two functions combined. I think it's a lot of fun for the home-town crowd to be able to watch cowboys they actually know.

Reno wasn't so fond of the sirens in the parade.

Sister, on the other hand, is very fond of parades and is getting to be quite the candy-gatherer!!

Call, Trail, Tripp, and Autumn rode in the parade.

Our friend Coby Summers won top horse in the rodeo.

It was Friday and Saturday night, one go-round, with 14 different teams each night. Summer, Autumn, Hope, and I kept score. Sounds like a lot of folks but we also had Reno the whole time and Scout for some of it. Thanks to the Spangler family for entertaining her for part of that time.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Convention 2011

The end of July we enjoyed are annual trip to Happy Convention. Technically it takes place at Wayside, TX but "Happy" is a more fitting name. We camp out in our trailers and enjoy four wonderful days of spiritual enrichment. It's pretty much like church camp for the whole family.

We are always "Happy to be at Happy".

Aunt Hope & Reno

The cousins!!
I'm pretty sure Reno is flirting with Hope in this pic.

Mimi & Papa with most of their grandkids.

The Tripp Townsend Family

Scout with Acadia, Alyssa, & Rylan

Poor Rylan, Scout bosses her around so badly!!

Like mother like daughter!! Pretty sure I did the same thing to Larkin.