Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Mother Nature hasn't been messing around this winter.  I saw something on FB about her going through menopause, which I would mostly agree with.  

Bless her heart, she can't decide if we should heat up to 60 or freeze at 16!

The weekend before Thanksgiving we had a storm!  Scout was released early from school on Friday, Monday was cancelled altogether and on Tuesday we enjoyed a delay.

 It appears that the children built a snowman! was their mother.  Even though we had about a foot of snow, it wasn't super sticky.  I had to use buckets to build this fella.  Then Rover made habit of stealing his accessories.  
This snow/rain stuff is great and fine when the cattle are straight.  Unfortunately we have some Floridas that are not yet acclimated that have been taking the hit.  Of course we hate to speak ugly toward any moisture that we could receive.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Merry Christmas

to you all, and how do you do?  We are all so happy to see you!!"
This was Scout's line at the Kindergarten Christmas Program.

 I figure they put her first because if she were to problem!  She will just make something up and go with it.  The kids did great and I can't imagine the amount of work the poor teachers put into it.
Reno watched intently and then bolted off to be in the class picture as soon the program was over.  
Thanks to Miss Summer and Aunt Hope for coming to watch.  I'm pretty sure that really made the whole thing!
There was also a class party....
Full of friends and family,
fun games,

yummy treats
and crafts
 Mr. Reno was right there with his sister.  He acted so big and just went with the flow.  I'm afraid it will be like the beginning of school all over again in January when sis goes back.....for me too! :(

Thanks to all of the Kinder Mamas that helped me put together this fun time for the kiddos.  

Most of all thanks to the sweet teachers that take such good care of our babies.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Smith Family!!

 We are happy
 and healthy,
 and so very thankful
 this holiday season!!
 Wishing you 
 and yours
 a very 
Merry Christmas!!

***Photo credit to Kaitlyn Smith Photography.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sweet Friends!

My kiddos have these wonderful, new friends.  Ok, ok......backup......I have a wonderful, new friend and these children just so happen to belong to her and have everything in common (same as the mother and I). 

Two (twins) of these fun kiddos celebrated their 5th birthday and we were lucky enough to join them. 

Their mother really did things up with major food, organized games, and decor.  So this might be the one way that she and I aren't alike.   

 Pillowcase Race
 The donut eating contest was too hilarious!
 Suspend a donut, tie up their hands.  
 My Scoutie actually finished the whole donut.  

 Mustaches for everyone!!
 Birthday Girl!
 Scout and Cake!!
 This boy.....have you ever seen prettier eyes?   He and Scout have been married a few times.  I'm kind of hoping it sticks.  
 Big Brother Buster
 The Dad and Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
Birthday Boy was pretty proud of his gun.

Most of all, the Smith Family is pretty proud to call the Barnes Family friends.  Isn't it the neatest thing when you make friends that you just click with?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sick 'em on a Chicken!!

I am receiving payment for not blogging in so long.  For some crazy reason I am unable to type in amongst my pictures (or type at all) like I normally do.  If you know what’s wrong with me please share!

The WRCA Finals turned out well for us this year.  Before going Riley and I talked about how it had been awhile since we did any good.  Sandhill won first in 2004.  That year I was actually on the team….not because I’m great, but because you can’t just have any old cowboy you find and think is a good hand on your team.  I was employed by Sandhill and could legally be on the team.  I was needed because Tripp had broken his ankle and was on crutches.  Oh no, he wasn’t out.  He rode, roped, all of his normal stuff.  He just couldn’t get down and walk.  Lol  I was mostly needed for the branding, but I’ve gone in the cow milking.  J  Sandhill won again in 2007, and now again in 2013.

The cowmilking almost wrecked our world this year.  We had her, she got away, we had no milking.  NO TIME!!  Luckily it didn’t cause us to lose the whole deal.  Luckily, we have a bronc rider named Tyler Rice.  This guy can ride and came so close to winning the average.

Sick ‘em on a chicken… them feathers fly!!  They play this song during the cowmilking and my kids have been singing it ever since!!