Thursday, December 27, 2012

Townsend Christmas Weekend

So we had started the partying this past Friday evening.  Autumn had a basketball game in Lazbuddie.  What better way to start up a family celebration than getting excited by the close game and eating delish concession stand food.  The concession stand food thing is not a joke.  Lazbuddie has the best around and lots of locals come just for supper.

After the game we moved the party to the Townsend house.  Hope had this lovely spread of goodies for us.  We played ping pong, drank hot beverages, and chatted until past our bedtime.  I can admit this and am not taking it back, even though I kind of wish I could.  "I was sore on Saturday from playing ping-pong with Summer."  There....I said it.  Everyone thought that was just hilarious.  I'm not sure why, but I was.  The basketball on Saturday didn't seem to bother??
 Our bunch pretty much consisted of my siblings and their families as well as my aunt Pat and uncle Don.  Keith and Linda also joined us on Saturday.

Food, shall I mentioned what we gorged ourselves on?  Ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, hominy casserole, pepper souffle, green salad, pink salad, relish goodies......the list could go on and on.  My mom made the Perrini Ranch bread pudding with whiskey sauce.  It is definitely my new favorite dessert.  
 Mimi and a few of her "girls"!
**Look Summer got glasses!!  Isn't she precious?  I love them.  

 Tandy has a knack for getting retarded pics of me.  She was the one taking pics though since I had forgotten my camera.  I think I'll remember next time.  I sure like it when they are none of me.  
 Reno crashed when they went duck hunting.  He then slept through lunch and the gift opening.  He woke up hungry and never seemed to care too much about opening a gift.  If you got it unwrapped and ready to go he would play with it.

My kiddos are mostly into playing with aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins.  Scout is crazy about sleeping over at Aunt Hope's house.  This time Mimi slept in the living room with all the kids.  Even Reno spent the night.  It was weird for us, not having them at home.  Kind of nice too though!!
On Sunday it was just us with Mimi and Papa and Aunt Pat.  I did my camera on 10 sec delay to get the pic.  It was good of everyone except for me sliding in at the last minute.

We had a Merry Christmas and now can't wait to go spend New Year's with our Mimi and Papa!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Home Comfort

Thanksgiving,'s almost Christmas and I'm just now getting around to Thanksgiving.  This year we are switching up the routine.  Thanksgiving and New Year's with my family and Christmas with Riley's family.

Thanksgiving in New Mexico was lovely.  We had Mimi and Papa all to ourselves and enjoyed every second.  The girls had a little sleepover in the living room on the army cots.  Scout insisted on wearing Mimi's housecoat thing everywhere.  

We mostly wore pajamas and cooked and ate and cooked and ate.....all while wearing our pajamas.  ha

I was the pie girl and I do have to say the turned out well, even if it was my doing.  I combined the recipe from the pumpkin can and one that called for Eagle Brand milk.  It turned out nicely and I've posted it here.  This is just traditional pumpkin pie, but better than I remember pumpkin pie being.  Buttermilk and chocolate were delicious as usual.  That's a no-brainer!

 I love how my Mom and I are so alike.  Here she is calf-roping my children, which is something I would totally do.  Hilarious!!  They loved it too.

Home Comfort, well that means a couple of things here.  We cooked breakfast on the old Home Comfort wood burning stove that Friday morning.  It turned out yummy as it always does.  Mimi prepared it, Papa cooked it and I mostly just backed up to it for warmth.

Home Comfort is also that warm, fuzzy feeling we get when we get to spend time with those we love.  Home to me is just where my family is, not necessarily the house I grew up in.

 Here's to Home Comfort to you all this Holiday Season!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We interrupt

our regularly scheduled posts to bring you......Pumpkin Patch!  Oh wait, there are no regularly scheduled posts, there are hardly any posts at all.

My excuse this time around is that my computer was so full that I couldn't even move the pics off my camera onto the computer.  I have since gotten an external hard drive and moved pics.  Keep your fingers crossed that this silly laptop  lasts a little longer.  It is 7+ years old.  

So back in October our little family met Jessica, my high school classmate and wonderful friend, at the pumpkin patch between Floydada and Ralls.  Her Jaxon and Jenny are precious kiddos and we were sad that Justin couldn't make it.  The pumpkin patch was fairly small, but a fun place.  There were lots of picture opportunities and best of all ANIMALS.  I was afraid Scout would smell like a billy goat at our chiropractor appointment.  They had a great time feeding the sheep, goats, and miniature horses. 

 I promise you'll see Thanksgiving pics before Christmas!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!!

We have been resting comfortably at home this past week.  The WRCA Finals usually get the best of us.  This year we got the sickness out of the way prior to going.  We have still been a little on the tired side though.  The weather sure cooperated for us.  Well, it cooperated as much as it possibly could considering we are in the panhandle of Texas.  Notice Reno is sporting his Sandhill t-shirt as he and Papa take in the first performance on Thursday evening.
This is Mr. Linc!  He is the grandson of Aunt Tandy's BFF, Judy.  He is so cute and outgoing too.  Reno was being grouchy so they didn't really play together.

On Friday, the Little Queen B arrived from San Antonio.  Can you tell how excited my kiddos were to see her?

This child definitely has a mind of her own, kind of like her cousin Scout.  Later on as we shopped around the trade show, Kaitlyn tried some little handmade boots on her.  Good thing they fit, because I'm pretty sure they were getting them regardless.  I'm not sure if she wore anything else the whole time.
I tried getting a pic of she and Scout in their matching shirts, but she wasn't having it. **See the boots?  Love them!

Gigi and Papa swam with them Friday and Saturday evening before the rodeo.  That was nice, because I would disappear into my room to get ready all by my lonesome.  I did take any pics of my outfits, but don't worry, they weren't that great anyways.
Reno was OK with swimming with Gigi.  Of course I didn't get a picture of that.  This one cracks me up because he blends in with the chair cushion.  White Boy Camo!!
I think this picture turned out so good.  When we asked Reno to go stand by Gigi and Papaw you can see that he didn't exactly get anywhere near them.  Everyone is looking and almost everyone is smiling.  
Have I mentioned that Saylor Quinn wants nothing to do with me?  Little Squirt!  I may have to remind her of this someday.  She really only loves Papaw, well and her Uncle Riley.  One night after the rodeo he had her and she didn't even want to go to her Mama.  That made me feel a little better, or wait...maybe worse.  lol
Excuse my fabulous photography!  It is starting to get serious.  I must start toting my good camera around.  Unfortunately I probably can't do much better with it.  Who wants to do a guest post about photographing in the dark with bright outdoor lights?  I need you.
How about lets talk fashion for a minute.  I got this shirt at the Rusty Rose a local boutique owned by my sweet friend Andrea. It says "Property of Texas USA" and is so versatile.  Put it with a blazer or my new favorite Wal-Mart Aztec thermal.  The possibilities are endless.
Speaking of fashion or fashionable....I'll bet if you looked the word up in the dictionary you would find this girl and her sister's name.  These two dress so fun and are beautiful to boot.  Boot, don't get me started on boots.  Summer is quite the artist.  She can paint anything you'd like.  She even sells a few clothes too.  Look Cherrycow Headquarters up on Facebook or go to her blog from here.  Oh wait, she updates her blog less than me.     

Reno is finally learning how to hold a pen.  He was busy writing all one afternoon during the ranch horse competition.  Saturday morning at the horse sale the squirts found the dirt.  That probably helped them feel a little more at home.

See Mimi's great wild rag?  I didn't get a pic of the coolest outfit that she wore.  Forget blogging about my own outfits, I need to start posting about my Mama.  This lady has style.  She always has cool, custom or handmade accessories.  She is sporting a cool new custom engraved ring this year too.  Love it!!  

So now I realize that I haven't even touched the surface.  I haven't told you how the rodeo went, about the colt we bought, the blogger friends I met up with, the ranch horse contests, mine and Scout's new Kansas friends....What am I forgetting? 

There's more to come!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hump Day Dump Day

I haven't done this is so long it's probably gonna get a little bit wild.

#1 - I've started a little business. Rodan & Fields is dermatological skincare. It has really shined me up and faded sun spots. It's nothing too complicated, just good stuff. .
#2 - I bought my very first LeCreuset in OKC. Shall we say I'm in love? This baby will earn its keep this winter (and all the rest of the time).

#3 - The Turquoise is the name of a book I found at an estate sale. How cool! It's a book about my decor, for my decor. Sorry, I know it doesn't take much for me. Lol  Speaking of turquoise....I have a new little corner cabinet (found at Petticoats on the Prairie) that is now turquoise. Mostly I wanted the share my favorite turquoise color so far. It is Benjamin Moore - soft spruce.
#4 - At our family reunion Scout and I were the proud bidders and winners of matching aprons. They are absolutely stylin'. Cousin Mirt whipped those out. Brother also had to try one on.
#5 - The kids have this funny little thing they've started when they get out of the bath. They lay down all scrunched up on the rug and I cover them with a towel. Actually I think it's some kind if plan to keep from getting lotion and their jammies on.
#6 - Gypsy! Scout is my little gypsy. She is constantly packing a bag and dressing up crazy. Not sure where she learned it. I finally had to put the big dress up box away.
#7 - Halloween was sort of a fail. Brother didn't feel good at all. He got a pretty yucky cough and runny nose. I made costumes day of, as is tradition. Scout was a chicken, Reno was the egg. The egg just didn't feel up to it and wouldn't let us dress him. His egg obsession is a separate post. I ran Scout down to the fall festival where the kids played games, etc. Trail brought us a few decorated brownies. YUM!
#8 - Trail Mr. Trail and Reno have become pretty big buds. Well, I'm not sure if he loves him as much as he does Autumn aka Awn-Na. That is true love right there.

#9 - Football!  We made it to see one of Pake's football games.  He did great.  I even got an action shot with my phone camera.  (Who am I kidding, these are all phone pics.)  You can see him (#18 white) going in for the tackle.  Can't believe he is already in the 8th grade.
#10 - My sweet babies!!  This is one from awhile back, but for sure is one of my favorites.  I love these toots!
#11 - The saddle is a Tad Sanders ( find him on Facebook). It is one of Riley's top hand saddles that he will receive at the finals. I love what Tad said in the caption.  Speaking of the finals....we leave tomorrow, I'd better get packing.