Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to....#1

Here it is folks.  Our very first "how to" video.  It was all Scout's idea as you will see.  She is very clever and always wanting to help people.  

I'm thinking we may be on to something here.  Our "how-to" videos might turn into something similar to Newt's weather reports.  If you are a Facebooker, look for Newt Hendricks.  

So a few things have changed since we made this video.  The following day, Scout got a big horse.  Black Silver (as she calls him) really is a dandy.  The day after that, she outgrew Black Silver.  Since she's had a taste of loping by herself, that is all she is interested in.  You see BS (Black Silver) just isn't into loping so much!

Enjoy....and look out for "how-to" lope your big horse!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Reno - 2 year old pics

 ***Note......If you can't stand gushy, proud Mama talk then you probably shouldn't read this post.  

I don't have words to explain how I feel about this boy!   These pics absolutely capture his personality and of course his cuteness.  

It's quite lovely that my SIL is a professional photographer.  Reno's birthday is in October and she and I have been trying to get his 2 year old pics since then.  It just hasn't worked out.  This past trip we made it work.

So we are at the San Antonio Zoo and the kids were dying to see animals so we didn't get his pics before we went in.  A little more than halfway through the zoo I look at Reno, then at Kaitlyn.  We knew he wasn't going to be up for pictures when we left.  

 So we improvised by plopping him up on the gorgeous landscaping right between the zebra and rhinoceros exhibits.  He was tired but he finally decided to smile a little.

 Shall I mention that I also forgot his hat or even a cap.  Luckily his Dad had thrown in a cap and we made it work.  Riley likes more of a cowboy look, but I'm all good with team roper or calf roper style.  

Oh and his Dad carries a rope in the car so when we stop for gas he can swing it a few times.  He loves it that much people!  So that's why we had a rope with us.

I love his concentration in these pics!

 See that smile!  That's what makes my world go round.  Well, it's one of three smiles that make my world go round.

Find Kaitlyn Smith Photography on Facebook or her blog.  You can also just click on her name on my side bar.  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feedyard Rats

There are lake rats, gym rats......we are just feedyard rats.     These kids don't have much of a chance.  As a family we accomplish lots of things at the feedyard.  Riley ropes or rides horses, the kids play in the sand or ride or help feed cattle, and I am a spectator or sometimes I squeeze in a run.

This is going to be the first summer that both kids will be big enough to be content playing and not need to be held, etc. 

I should also clarify "feedyard".  We really only hold about 4,000 head and don't feed cattle out.  It's still a feedyard to us.

 Reno has since gotten a hair cut.  I like it both ways, long and short.  The problem is that he just doesn't like haircuts a bit.  

Scout.....well, Scout is into dressing herself.  It almost always includes a long sleeve shirt and leggings.  The leggings thing is that she must have tight pants (like jockeys or jumpers).  This means that she never, seriously never matches.  I never understood parents that let their kids dress themselves.  Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have been so hard on those people.

Now the story is that she wants to be a jumper.  I don't think she has dropped the jockey thing all together, just not quite as high on it as she was.

Friday, March 8, 2013

LAZ Livestock Show 2013

Each year around this time (or maybe I should say around the first of the year) my niece and nephew show their fine swine in the county and local show.  

My kids love watching.  Who doesn't love smelly, squealing pigs?  I was a hog showman as was the dad.  We are hoping that our kiddos will want to as well.  I'd say they are well on their way.

 I'm not really sure Autumn's heart is in showing a pig.  Her heart is more into showing her beloved...aka Hoorey!  Oh well, she looks cute that's for certain.

At the end of the show they have a Pee Wee exhibition.  Reno showed Trail's hog and Scout was planning to show Autumn's but they couldn't get him back in the ring.  So, both children ended up showing one hog.  Scout was actually concentrating on the hog and Reno liked the show stick better.  He whacked his hog, the ground, other hogs in the ring, and possibly people passing by.

 The judge was a recent graduate of Lazbuddie high and he so kindly spent a little time chatting with the kiddos.  I'm a big fan of these types of situations.  I feel like it gives kids a great memory, confidence, and boosts their interest.  We're all about boosting agriculture, anywhere, anytime!!

Up close and personal here with Mr. Trail.  He did a fine job and I believe won Reserve Breed Champion at the county show.  

The following comment may be offense to some.  If so....."sorry 'bout ya".  It's how we roll, it's a fact of life.  Do you like bacon?  Just askin'!!

As we are getting ready to head out Scout says, "So, are we going to Hope's to eat pig or what?".  I love this.  It actually makes me proud.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Visit to San-an-Tone!

Fairly recently, say around the first of LAST month our little family and Riley's parents made a trip to San Antonio for a quick visit.

Saylor Quinn is a hoot and it is more and more fun each time we see her.  I can't wait to hear what that chick has to say when she really gets to talking.  It may be interesting to hear what she and Reno have to say to each other.  ha ha They pretty much like each other, but sometimes maybe not.  

The zoo was a great fun time for the kids and for the three of us pushing strollers.  It really went well.  We didn't experience a fit, no one fell asleep, we didn't lose anyone, kept all our digits, you get the idea.  I didn't get a single pic of an animal.  The hippo was the coolest thing ever.  They were swimming and it felt like we were right there with them.

It was kind of fun here just posing and not caring if the kids even looked.  They did, which is surprising.  We only take 2,500 pics each time since my SIL is a photographer.  I love it though, because I can always count on her when I'm being lazy or forgetful.

Not sure exactly what Reno is thinking here.  It could be....."I'm about to hurt somebody if we take one more pic." or "Hey ladies, check me out." 

I love how my Scout girl is posing here.  She is getting too big and I'm not liking it one bit.  I'm not liking it for a couple of very different reasons but I don't guess I'll go there now.

Reno was two in October and we have been trying to get his two year old pics taken since then. We achieved that.....right in the middle of the zoo.  Apparently is was near a butterfly exhibit (see the sign in the pic), but I don't remember that at all.  So, since we stopped and took Reno's pics it was also a great time for more "cousins" pics.  I'll do a separate post of his pics.  They turned out awesome.

So it seems that the zoo was just many, many photo ops for us.  Scout had gotten the giraffe mask at the zoo in Abilene a couple of years ago.  More masks are what I encouraged the kids to choose in the gift shop.  Then of course the kids wouldn't take a picture in them.  The crazy mamas obliged.  Kait and I crack up when we see this pic.

This visit included lots of running around.  Usually we are just hanging out at home, so it was a fun change.  They held hands in the car, they might have fought a little, they screamed, laughed, ate, spilled, you name it....it happened.   We also got plain ol' pooped out as you can see.

Reno became attached to #4 and #8.  He even slept with them.  So funny!

We are looking forward to our May visit.  It will be here before we know it!!