Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm not really sure where Scout even got the rusty bolt, but she's sure giving this pickup a working over. I teased Riley that she already knows as much mechanicing as he does.

If the mechanic thing doesn't work out she may have a future as a clothing designer. My personal favorite is the layers of mamas's underclothing. She has a real thing for shoes, hats, and purses.

Riley sometimes has chocolate milk before bed. Last night Scout finally decided it wasn't so bad after all. Course I think it's nasty......he doesn't put enough chocolate in to even change the color at all and well you can guess what it does to the already gross taste of milk. Yuck!! You've got to put some chocolate in there.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack.........Baaaaack in the Saddle Again!!

Gotta love ya some 80's/90's/(not exactly sure when) rock tunes. I was exposed at a very young age thanks to my brother and sister. I blame them for lots of other issues I have, especially my driving but I won't start on that now. So.....I was away because the "back-light" went out on our laptop and the whole LCD panel is being replaced at the second repair shop. Repair Shop A was taking too long and quoted me double the price of Repair Shop B. We purchased a refurbished laptop and will soon enjoy have two computers. One for me and one for Scout, right? Or maybe two for Scout!!

Here are some random photos from the past couple of weeks. Speaking of random.......my family (mostly my husband) decided to surprise me on 29 since I'll be on the lookout next year on the BIG 30. Can you believe the cake Hope made? It is awesome and was a tastey pound cake inside. This is an exact replica of my phone....which was easy for her cuz she has one too. NOTE: OML stands for "Oh My Lands".

So do Tandy and I look alike? My vote is yes. You'd also better hope that Texas Roadhouse dumps out the peanuts fairly regularly since Scout had a great time cooking with them. She also added in a few croutons for good measure.

Great picture of the grandmas.....wouldn't you say? Mom and Preston drove all that way just for supper and then had to head right back. Pretty special deal. Thanks ya'll!!

Continuing on with birthday specialness.....Pat cooked us up a yummy lunch and the best part was that we ate on her Cape Cod dishes. Pretty neat and especially since there was a little bitty goblet for Scout.

Rounding it up with the coolest thing....a birthday baby. Our friends Jason and Heather had baby Leah on my birthday. She is so pretty and we did visit her in the hospital. Scout was sick that night and the next day so we've kind of been steering clear of them. Can't wait to see her again. Congratulations Spanglers!! It gave me baby fever again and I even realized when on our way home I was still talking about "baby" at Hereford.

Speaking of birthdays, Riley's cousin Grant turned 30. We surprised him at Logan's Roadhouse. It was a fun time and we had the opportunity to see lots of folks that we don't get to see much. Here are all the little grand/great-grand-daughters. Sure glad Larkin and Grant are expecting a boy in just a few months.

Rylan and Scout are starting to be a little more interested in each other. The played together some this time. Scout did knock her down once, but they are friends here. Rylan is such a hoot. Can't wait for the shopping trips we'll all get to go on.......later.....much later.

Scout can really gives this horse "heck". Actually she pretends she's chasing cows. She rides as fast as she can. So weird that she was scared of Pat's baby goat today, but isn't scared to ride Gunner. The "hat" is the panties that go with the dress she's wearing. She just had a fit to wear it.

Today as we were trying to leave the house we had to go back twice. One time was for her a purse and the other was for her a baby. Whew!!

We found the paci in our nightstand this morning. She sucked it for awhile and then I started getting worried and took it away. Luckily she didn't seem to care. Bangs in our eyes......I'm just so happy that she has lots of hair.

You can't tell too good, but this is the new and improved Scout.....with bangs trimmed. Also see the yellow "monkey" boots. They were her Valentine from me. We needed them awhile ago since it's been so wet, but better late than never. She loves riding Gunner with Dad.

Friday, February 5, 2010

ALT #14

ALT is text for Autumn Leigh Townsend.

She made her own cake. (see PW cinnamon rolls)

That's what you do when you've been cooped up for 2 days because of the snow.

You also dance more than usual when you've been cooped up.

Only 4 candles.....14 is too many to count.
(That's what ALT told me when I turned 20.)

We are beautiful singers, huh?

"Yum Yum....that was delicious cake!"