Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow......and a stockshow!!

Getting curled and beautiful to go the stockshow. No it doesn't make a lot of sense when it is pretty much a blizzard outside, but then again how much of our "beautifying" really does make sense. I just thought the little assembly line was cute.

All bundled up and ready to go. After the last snow storm I found these bibs for Scout at Sears for $12. She already had the coat and I chose brown just in case there is ever a boy in the Riley Smith family.

She is almost as broad as she is tall, poor thing could barely get around. I'm thinking stockshow is going to be right up her alley though.

Are you hearing the "cry baby"? I have no idea why Scout was so worried about Autumn. She just had to have her.....kind of embarrassing.....mostly for Autumn I think.

One of our newest tricks is to laugh and say how "funny" something is. Trail is pretty funny though isn't he?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spanglers Don't Like Pictures....

So the other evening we had supper with the Spanglers. It is hard to get good pictures when you are eating, but seriously folks. Even Bethany and Haley didn't want their picture made. Heather sort of has an excuse, but if I looked as good as her as a (P8) I wouldn't mind having my picture made. Oh well....we had a fun time.

Bethany and Haley (I just love their pretty long hair!!)

Riley and Jason.....not even sure what to say about these guys.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Part 1.........

Do I really even need to say anything here other than....yum yum....and maybe "thanks alot Tripp!!".

The whole reason we were at DQ is because Aummie had a ball game in Olton. They won!! Sure wish they'd been playing like that all season. I feel certain Aummie was the top scorer. You go proud of ya.

Summer looking not so happy in pen 8 at the County Show. everybody loves Summer everywhere she goes. I think this picture explains that pretty well. Here Scout is checking out John Henry (one of Summer's admirers).....she even tried to sit in his lap.

The "goat lady" turned 75 earlier this month. Look closely at the cake.....isn't it the cutest thing?

My mom's cousin Diana, her daughter Stephanie, and her two boys came down for the birthday. Scout was pretty much into the "bebe".....unless of course I was holding him.

Scout & I waiting for Dr. Young to check her out. She was supposed to have her 18 month appointment in December, but bad weather kept us away until January. She is in the 99th percentile for height. Guess we'll see if we get a basketball player or a shetland (like her momma).

Notice the tennis ball in the background. You'd better take some pretty good entertainment along or this chic will turn the room upside down while you are waiting. She was still trying to tackle me while I took her picture.

Like her outfit? I think it shows off her physique pretty well. So glad for her sweet daddy who goes to appointments, etc. and doesn't even complain. Let me clarify....he doesn't complain about the appointment but he does complain about the errands I usually have to run.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Smith Christmas

Did we have Smith Family Christmas in January......well sort....we had it over the New Year's weekend and we are at least in that month. Pretty good for me. Sorry I haven't stayed caught up.

Brook, Kait, & Scout

Scout "chowing down" on some lasagna.

Daddy cleaning Scout up after she "chowed down" on some toffee that she stole and quickly ate. Grandparents are to blame for this one since they thought it was sooo cute and smart that she took her booster seat out of the kitchen chair and stood on it to reach the toffee. Thanks Ya'll!!

Scout actually got this horse for her birthday, but is just now big enough to ride it. Notice the vest....Kait's dad bought this for Scout. She won't wear it for very long at a time. I shouldn't say that cuz before long you'll see us parading around town with our little bull rider vest.

Scout and Papaw fed "Tut" plenty of times and she loved it. We looked out the window once and it looked like they were dancing in the backyard. His story is that he was stomping the snow off of his shoes and she started imitating him.....sure Papaw.

It takes awhile for Scout to warm up to Brook since we see them so rarely, but here they are shaking the dominoes.

You know this chic loves clothes......and shoes, purses, jewelry, caps, sunglasses. She loved the pink skirt Aunt Kait got her. I can't wait to put her in the outfit.

Gigi and Papaw got Scout this little battery powered 4-wheeler. It is super cute and she loves to drive it. Since our house is pretty small she is really having to learn to steer so she doesn't bump into furniture or walls. This was probably the first of the driving lessons from Gigi. You'll teach her to drive a real car someday won't you?

Gigi also scooped up some snow for Scout to cook with. Snow turns to water, you know!!

Scout loves the salad spinner and she's actually pretty good at help tearing up lettuce. This picture was taken at the exact moment our steaks (that I was supposedly cooking) were on fire on the grill. It wasn't so funny then and I threw such a fit that everybody was scared of me for awhile, but I bet next time the guys will be out there grilling the steaks. Come to think of it.....Riley offered to grill for me just the other night. Odd isn't it?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We are seriously getting old!

Why is it so hard to stay up on New Year's? I can easily stay up past midnight if I'm cleaning or blog-hopping while Scout and Riley are asleep, but for some reason it isn't so easy when you are actually trying to stay up. We played games, told stories, layed around, etc. Even Tripp stayed until 12:03 but he wouldn't smooch Hopey. Well no one did, so that wasn't anything new.
the new kitchen

layin' around

blowin' party toys rock!

42 (the man game)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Pioneer Woman calls them punks so I will too. Two these of course aren't my punks, but I'll still get them in a head-lock if I need to keep them still for a picture. We had a great time at Mimi's with the Adams Family.

I thought this turned out to be a really good snapshot of our little fam.

Pake, Mimi, Scout, and Tate.......we were getting pretty antsy for the Townsend family to arrive.

Aummie & Nunna

Tate is under there if you look really kind of looks like Riley is pooching out his belly full of turkey & dressing.

Aunty Patty with her prize. We did chinese christmas and since she won "I Never" by about one million pennies she got to have final choice.

Just an example of how "in love" my child is with clothes. She was so proud of this outfit and her new tennis shoes. Pics of the pink mini skirt Aunt Kait & Uncle Brook brought her to follow.