Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feedyard Follies

 Yesterday Papa drove in from NM in the Pete.  He is taking some of our cattle to his pasture.  I love the "new to him" Pete.  I'd say it's a pretty snazzy rig just to haul around your own stock.
We worked like mad to get a little lunch ready so he wouldn't have to stop somewhere on his way back.  I highly recommend Pioneer Woman meatballs and rigatoni.  It's in the new cookbook.  I didn't have time to do everything exactly like she says, but I liked it. Especially the meatballs....YUM!!  We stood around and ate, which is pretty much the only option.  I guess I need to get the new storage container/bunk house fixed up.
 My kids wanted to climb all over the truck of course.  Reno was taking pieces of lettuce to the cattle already loaded on the truck.  He must be a true cattleman at heart to know they needed a little roughage.  
We have "peppies" at the feedyard also.  (Oh and the boy is going to talk.  It has started coming out just in the last couple of days.  Yippee!!)  The puppies are by Zippy, the feedyard security dog, and Tug, our red dog.   If you are in the market let us know.  There are three of them.
The folly part comes in at the mud puddles.  It had come a pretty good shower and Reno mostly wanted to stomp through the mud.  Then his boot got stuck and he was just running around in his footy pjs.  Yuck!!  


Kait said...

Look at you Blogging Queen! The puppies (oh, the kiddos too) are soo cute! :)

Guess I need that PW recipe from ya too!

Rachel said...

Love the pictures, sweet pups, boys and puppies are just beyond cuteness!!! :)

Jennifer said...

I need to get PW's new cookbook!