Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Drunk Girl...... there isn't really a little drunk girl, but Scout sure was acting like it the other night. We cooked out at the Cain on Saturday evening since Mimi and Papa were down. Gotta love the special treatment our company gets. It seems like the sand burrs had grown a little since we were there last. Scout only got into a bunch once, but she's a "toughie".

Did you know that a cow says "booo"?

Scout and her beloved Hope.

Shot of the whole fam.

Great Aunt LaVerne with Mom & Aunt Pat.

Scootie - Tootie

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cowwwgirl, Baby!!

Would you say she looks like her dad?

Rodeo in Roaring Springs last night. The team did well, but it is a two night rodeo and we won't know how we did until about 10 tonight. Here are a few videos to enjoy, except my videoing is soooo bad. Sorry I get excited and just can't help it. I was also having to stick my arms and camera through the fence at about 2 and 1/2 feet off the ground.

Super weird, but this crazy kid loves to pick her toes. Not sure who she inherited that from....better not tell, huh!!

What she is saying is "bite". Bite means food or drink. Lately she's been saying it if she spots a bite, doesn't necessarily mean she wants it. Can you imagine how fried my brain is after hearing this high-pitch request one thousand times a day?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can YOu beliEve IT KAIT???

Ok, so here goes a whole lot of nothing and everything wrapped into one. I am doing this dreadful catch-up post since my sil, Kait threatened me yesterday. Should I just go ahead and list off all the things that I've been putting off that way I'll be held responsible for them too? It would make you peeps ill with disgust that I am such a procrastinator. Seriously........

Here are just a few of them that I can think of off the top of my head without digging out lists from months back. Order pics from Kait, order magazines for myself and Grams, finish painting two drawers and some odds and ends from the redo, hang stuff on the walls (still can't decided), clean out garage, clean out little house (storage), have garage sale, go through Scout's clothes, start working out, quit eating badly.....................

These pics are from my recent (or not so recent) sewing expedition to Springfield, CO. I called it an expedition since I recently got one. No, no, not a new expedition, but it's new to me and I love it. Such an upgrade from the car. I love how the third row seating folds, etc. I might just be converted to a Ford girl. We'll see what is cheap next time and I'll be that kind of girl.

Scout playing with the cat and sewing with cousin Rylan. It's pretty funny because they don't even pay much attention to each other. The last pic is of Sean & Missy's beautiful girls with cousin Rylan.

O...about the sewing........of course I didn't get much done. I can't find the right material for my cornerstones, so I can't finish my quilt top. Even if I did, I would probably just add it to the ongoing list of things to be done around my house. So for now we'll just say I'm looking for some purple and white stripe material.

I guess I should let you know what's going on with the hubby. He and his pals won a nice rodeo at The Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, OK on August 1st. It should be on RFD-TV sometime if you happen to keep up with that. This website tells a little about it. It was such an exciting rodeo and Hope and I were the only two fans there for the team. Surprisingly we didn't even have a camera with us. We also left Scout overnight (or for most of the night) for the first time. We drove all night and I picked her up around 4 or 4:30 that morning. Pretty sure she never missed us!

Riley has also started tying calves. We went and he roped with Jesse and Spur this week. We had a fun time just watching and playing in the dirt. So about the calf roping thing......Riley is doing great for having never done it before and has a great horse that is learning alot too.

There is always something fun or funny going on and it probably involves a horse or a sweet baby girl. Catch ya next time and hopefully that's soon!!