Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Every year Mother's Day is on the same weekend as the RHAA Finals in Abilene.  Lucky for us, it means that Mom is always here and we get to celebrate.  This year we added Summer's college graduation to the mix.  We have some pretty fun pics going on.
Some sweet nieces of mine told Reno to make a funny face when it was our turn for a pic and so you see the many faces we captured.
Mimi with some of her grandbabies.  We missed the Adams bunch this year.
Isn't my mom so cute?  I sure think so.  Funny thing Reno said as we chatted over lunch in Abilene.  I guess I was saying "mom" a lot and Reno stops me and says, "Mom, have a mom?".  So since then we've been going over who belongs to who, siblings, etc.  It usually turns into a pretty fun conversation.
Hopes and her two "grown-up" daughters! 
The looks on all three of their faces here.
Hope - "I'll get you girl!" 
Summer - "I'm staying out of this one!"
Autumn - "I'm graduating in a few days and I'm not too scared of you lady!"
Scout will be as big as her Mimi before long.
Reno got a new hat in Abilene and if you can't tell he's pretty proud of it.  Also had to have his pants "under" his boots like Tripp.
Celebrating Summer girl being a WTAMU graduate.  Autumn, Reno, and Trail being silly while the rest of us try to take a normal pic.
Posing with my sweet babies!
Scout loves to pose and Reno loved running around the pillars.
The little guy had all he could take and crashed on Autumn while shopping.
The ZOO!!  We couldn't make the trip to Abilene and not visit the zoo.  Trail was a perfect guide!  The kids just chased after him and mom and I kind of tagged along.