Thursday, May 31, 2012

San Antonio - Remix/Mix-Up

This title simply means that it is out of order.  We did indeed  see the South TX Smiths two months in a row, which was fabulous.  Wish we could see them once a month, but it just isn't possible. 

Better late than never, right?  So here's to our trip to San Antonio in April.  

 I said SA hates me because I always complain about how soggy it is there.  I'm starting to think that maybe it likes me instead.  We enjoyed beautiful weather.  I was even wishing for a jacket when we were down on the River-walk.  What a relaxing time!
 The kids enjoyed pool time.  Once again, I've never seen a little munchkin that loves water more than Saylor Quinn.  She and Scout pretty much wore everyone out going around and around that little pool.  

Reno, now he was more of a stick-my-toes-in, play-with-the-water-hose kind of guy!  I can't believe I missed a pic of it in his mouth.  That is pretty much where it stayed.  

I feel like the kids have changed so much just since the middle of April, especially Miss Say Say!

I don't think I had ever been to the River Walk and I know Riley hadn't.  We decided to check it out since it was fairly close.  Everyone we spoke to recommended this certain place for lunch, with strict orders to have the Chicken Fry.  I was sort of hungry for it, so I gave it a whirl.  

Here is my two cents about chicken fry at a restaurant.  If you know how to make it, don't order it.  You will, I repeat you WILL be disappointed.  I've never gotten one that even resembles home-made.

Kait and I worked out.  I was recovering from the flu and it was my first time back after a week off.  We ran with her friend/instructor Jess at a local track.  Talk about painful.  When warm-up is 3/4 of a mile, run know you're about to cover some ground and you're about to hurt.  That was followed by boot-camp style running, lines on the field, and bleachers.  We clocked in at over 4 miles by the time it was over.  Wish we could do that together every Saturday.

 Princess S1 and S2 here.  I'm surprised they aren't matching in this pic.  Gigi kind of started something and now it's addicting.  Every time I pick something for Scout I automatically look to see if they have it in Saylor's size.  Then if they don't I look for what they have in both sizes, etc.  You get the idea.  

Gigi said she saw cute dresses for Kait and I.  lol  Sorry, but I don't think it would be cute for the mamas to match.  


Jennifer said...

Looks like a fun time! I think I'd be better at working out/jogging if I had a buddy to go with. I was doing good for awhile, trying to go in the evenings while the kids got baths. Then John would get home late, and I'd get out of the groove.

Rachel said...

Yep, I'd say y'all had a good time!
I bet that's the best to have a sil that you totally love!!!
Love the pictures!

Amanda Faith said...

I love San Antonio, its my favorite weekend getaway place in Texas. Whered you get the chicken fry at? Theres a really great mexican food resturant called Mama Ritas right on the river walk, so yummy!

Love the pics of the babies swimming.

Imglad I found your blog from Rachel, cant wait to be a new follower.

Kait said...

Love it! I may or may not have bought the girls another matching skirt today....