Saturday, May 26, 2012

Technologically Advanced

 Kids these days
 have access to so 
 much more than 
 we ever did!
 Reno only dialed 911 once where
  the Earth police actually came knocking.
Talk about embarrassing!

I don't purposely let him play with the home phone.  I try to keep it up on the kitchen counter where he can't get to it.  Forgive me that he was unattended long enough to snatch it up and push lots of buttons, miraculously beginning with 9 ending with many, many 1's.  Anyone with children knows that could happen in 1 second anyways.  Definitely something I won't forget soon. 

Now lets talk about that fancy pink phone the little lady is operating.  My I-Phone, yes I have one and love it very much.  I have found that it can also be very educational as well as entertaining for my children.

There are some pretty cool apps that I've found for free.  I've listed them below in case you are interested in hunting them down for yourself.  I know I haven't even scratched the surface and would love to hear which apps you people out there are using and love (even if it isn't a kid app).

eFlashApps, LLC - Baby Flash Cards
AlligatorApps - My First Flash Cards
touchapps - Chic Baby Dress Up Game

Oh, but there is a slight problem with the kids using my phone for their games.  They manage to get out of what I set them doing and start messing with my stuff.  Better yet, Reno may even dial 911 again.  lol  So, is there an app that locks your phone into what you are doing?  Just curious.

**These are bad pics of Reno, this is how he rolls these days.  Lots of blinking for the camera!!


Rachel said...

Yes, the things these children will never understand, but yet the things they will! Gee... it's kinda crazy! ;)

Kait said...

I downloaded the flash cards one and Saylor loves it! I'm just hoping she doesn't break or lock my phone. Or call 911!

Katie said...

Caleb likes peek-a-boo barn.