Thursday, May 24, 2012

Easter 2012

Tandy and KD had Easter at their place once again.  It's starting to be a pretty fun tradition.  They are great entertainers and cooks. 
KD and his brothers fried up some delicious fish.  It was all fish they had caught on one of their deep sea fishing adventures.  We all stuffed ourselves and brought some home too.  Scout even had another helping when we got home at bedtime.  She then finished the rest up the next day.  YUM!!  I'm wishing for some more of it now.

The kids of course love their trampoline.  Reno is pretty hard to keep up with.  There needs to be three or four people around the edges to catch him.  He will run right off the side.  Scout on the other hand is getting pretty good.  She even knows a few tricks.  

Luckily no one got a knot on their head!

Aunt pat made the red velvet cake she usually makes for Easter.  You can't see it that well, but it has a nest with candy eggs in it and a couple of chocolate bunnies.  

KD's brother Joe and his family were there.  This is the first time Scout has gotten to play with Kaitlyn and Cimmaron.  They aren't twins even though they are the same size.  She had a grand time.

Reno on the other hand, did not have a grand time hunting eggs.  He wasn't too excited about hunting to start with.  I can't even remember what he was mad  about, but sometimes just nothing suits him.

It just still wasn't going his way here.  He and Scout went for the same egg.  Luckily Riley was there to referee.  Maybe next year it will go a little better for him.

The front flower bed was perfect for hiding eggs.  The old implements, steer heads, metal creatures, and fence made great hiding places for the eggs.

Even Tate and  Brenden hunted.  Kind of funny the little girls got all the money eggs and not the big boys.  


Reno loves Maxie.  She is a precious dog.  Here she was trying to ignore Reno.  She just wasn't sure what he was up to.

Scout emptied all of her eggs to count the money.  Reno thought it was hilarous to roll around in the different piles she was making.  Typical for him to love messing up her stuff.  


Rachel said...

The fish sounds good, it'l hit the spot ever so often!!

Love the pictures, those kiddos sure look to have had a blast!!

Jennifer said...

John loves fish, that would have been right up his alley!
Looks like a wonderful time!