Monday, May 25, 2009

Is it just me?

First of all........I am a horrible writer. I know this. I cannot help it. I will ramble and jump around, just bear with me.

This past weekend Scoutie had a little fever. Well, I call 101.7 more than a little. She was lethargic, just not herself. It scares me half to death when she acts that way, because it just isn't her. I freak out. I cannot handle the idea of my baby being sick. So is it just me? Are all mothers this way? Riley and I are so totally different and he doesn't understand. Maybe I'm just a control freak. Her being sick and me not knowing what is wrong is beyond my control and I don't like it. Why should I worry so much? It isn't like she is screaming her head off. The wild thing is that I have this fabulous child that acts great even when she doesn't feel great. We shopped in Amarillo most of the day on Saturday. I kept giving her Tylenol to keep the fever down and she acted great. I can't relax. Seriously if I'm awake, I'm not relaxed. I'm always worrying about something even if it is so stupid. For example, I worry about dishes or my messy garage or stained clothes. Scout's first birthday is coming up. There are so many thing that I want done in the house or yard. Will I be content with working up until time and then just letting the undone things go? It's really about this sweet baby's birthday and enjoying her, right?

Anywho....(yes I meant to say "any-who").....I just want to try to be OK with not knowing. I don't have to know everything, understand everything, or fix everything. I want to live more in the moment.

So today is Memorial Day!! We had the option at school to take our students to the service at the cemetary. Of course we took them because we didn't want to have to teach (seriously). Not too many from the community were present, you know the usual people. If I had not been in school, would I have been present. Uhhhh.....most likely NOT. That makes me sad about myself. I want to be different. I don't want to be the person that is at the service only because it was a way out of class. I want my kiddo to grow up knowing and understanding these kinds of things. It kind of goes hand in hand with the "me freaking out" thing. I want my child to understand things even if they aren't always pretty or rosey. I don't want her to think that everything always has to be or will be perfect.

I want her to know that her Poppa, she'll never know, was in the Army Reserves. I want her to know about Mimi's cousin David who was killed (at age 23 or 24) fighting for our country. I want her to know about her cousin's that are serving right now. I want her to have great respect for all mankind who are sacrificing for this country whether she knows them or not.

Hope everyone has a safe and thoughful Memorial Day!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Garden, garden....please grow!!

Riley and I decided to grow a garden at the feedyard this year. We have a big space and have planted quite a bit of stuff. It has just been so hot, that we can't seem to keep it wet enough. Most of it is coming up ok; maybe I don't have any patience.

Scout has been so good while we work. She either sits in her stroller and watches Riley and Tripp rope, plays with Trail, or crawls around. Mo, the feedyard pup, came and knocked her over once. She was pretty angry about being high-centered on one of the rows. I'm sure some will think I'm not a good mother, but it is near impossible to keep her from eating dirt.

Western Heritage Classic

I promise not to do this, yet I keep doing it. My mom's cousin LaRue even got on to me....still did it. I can only say I'll try to be a better blogger.

We went to Western Heritage in Abilene a little while ago. (That sounds better than May 6,7,8. Riley and Tripp were in the RHAA (Ranch Horse Association of America) Finals. Those who made the finals competed in two rounds in which the top five went into a final final round. They both made it back on their horses. Tripp on Cricket and Hooray and Riley on Gunner. Riley did well, but didn't come home with a saddle. Tripp ended up being reserve on Cricket and scored a pretty cool buckle. I think Trail was claiming it.

Scout got to swim for the first time. She loves the water. (Speaking of she was soaked when I picked her up this afternoon. She and Hope had been planting flowers.) She kicked and splashed with Riley and Trail. The swimming suit is too funny. It was quite a chore getting her into it and extra hard to peel off. How can it be so cute to look like that in a swimming suit when you are 1 and not so cute when you are 28?

Scout & Riley making the same face.

Scout on her back kicking.

"The Swimming Suit"

(This picture doesn't do justice to how tight it is.)

Scout in the hotel room window looking ornery!!

Me, Mom, and Scout

I'm not good at telling my momma how much I appreciate her. She is a great mom!! You never notice all the stuff moms do until later. My mom made so many sacrifices and decisions based around me. I can never thank her enough. Now all I can do is try to be the same kind of mom for Scout.

Riley has a great mom too!! I wouldn't have this wonderful man if it wasn't for all that she did raising him. Tam....I usually just tease you and jokingly blame ya'll for all of his tiny little flaws. He is great and you did a great job with him.