Sunday, June 16, 2013

Here's to the Dads!

Father, Dad, Daddy, Pop, Papa, Papaw!

I'd have to say, I once had and have now the BEST Dads in my life!

This is one of my favorite pics of me and Daddy.  It's sad to say that he's been gone longer than I even knew him.  I wish I could remember more.  I love hearing people tell stories about him or run into people that knew him or worked for him.

He was so handsome, he was quite the horseman, he was a people person, he was fashionable, plus he was a Godly man and everything you'd expect in a good DAD.

Here's the good news!  We now have an equally good Dad.  Yes, there were times that I wouldn't have claimed him as Dad, but I do now and should have all along.

This man is a better Dad and has done more for his family than people will ever know.

He's the best Papa to my children!  

I've also been lucky enough to gain a wonderful Dad through marriage.  Men who are all up in the middle of really taking care of that's a good Dad.  That's what these guys are too.  Papaw is truly one of a kind!

Now let's talk about my baby-daddy!  He does it all.  Seriously, sometimes I think he could do this without me.  Have I mentioned that the kids love him, adore him, worship the ground he walks on?

This is what it's all about people!!  I am so very thankful today (and every day) for all the Dad's in our lives.  Thankful for the right example they are setting and the mark they have made and are making in our lives!

We love you guys!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Memorial Day & Grandpa's Big Birthday

Memorial Day this year was pretty much like it is every year.  It involved  family, playing in the water, food, and a little team roping.  

Riley's grandpa Roy had a big birthday earlier this month so we did lots of celebrating with family.  Scout and Reno always have a big time with their cousins from Colorado.

We missed super important family members in some of our pics (you know who you are).  It was very nice to visit with family that we hardly ever get to see.

Once again there are no team roping pics. Unfortunately what it means is that hubs didn't win a big roping.  Matter of fact, he didn't even win a small roping.  That's alright with me.  We love watching him!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


T-ball Rangers that is!  

Scout was finally old enough to play this year.  We almost didn't play because we had to miss a few games, but boy am I glad that we did!  She had a blast.

Riley and I tend to be sort of hard on her.  It must be our competitive spirit coming out.  It's amazing how fast she runs through the house and how slowly she runs to first base.  She really did great though.  We are super proud!

These pics are from the first game!  

When Aunt Kaitlyn asked Scout what her favorite part of playing t-ball was she replied, "the base house".  What is not to love about the dugout?

 Saylor and Reno didn't care too much for the action.  They were more interested in playing in the dugout and eating goldfish.

Reno loves to play "baseball cractice".  He is always wearing Scout's cap around and playing with her glove.  He also loves to play "basketball game".  

I'm not sure, but I think we may have a couple of little athletes on our hands.

P.S.  God Bless those t-ball coaches!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

5 years ago....

today we met Scout!  She has been something else since the moment she came into this world.  She's been raring to go and well......going full speed ahead since the very beginning.  

I'm having a hard time with the fact that she will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.   

She's mature and smart and plenty ready to leave me.  I'm just not ready to have her gone from me for the majority of the day.

I'm not sure this girl has ever met a stranger.  She wants to know everyone.  If there are kids in a restaurant or store near us, she wants to know their names.  

Scout is all spunk, humor, and I must admit....attitude.  Bossy, did I mention bossy?  It is very plain that she is the big sister.

This girl loves animals like no other.  She is plain crazy over anything furry and cuddly.  Frogs, snakes, alligators...not so much.

Horses are her obsession.  She loves race horses, jumping horses, little horses, big horses.  Just in the last couple of weeks she is finding great success in riding her own "big horse".  Talk about proud.

Scout Preston is also tough.  Yes she dolls up and loves it, but I'll promise you she can and will stand up for herself.  No one will push her around...ever!

Scout, you are a fun, sweet, loving girl that has changed our lives forever.  We love you so much!

Here's to the adventures of the next 5 years!!

Thanks to Kaitlyn Smith Photography!  I hear I've been uninvited to her picture sessions from here on out because she does so good without me.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Easter 2013

 What shall I say?  I am so late on sharing our Easter pics.  Late, but not lost!

Here we are!  Someday these pics will be such a prized possession.  I usually feel really stupid for forcing everyone to take a pic and then later I'm glad I did.

It was so nice to have my cousin Jimmy and his family with us this year!  Congrats to their whole family on graduation, new jobs, etc.  Jimmy is now the AD/Head football coach at Morton.  We are looking forward to them being close!

On to the confetti egg saga!  I didn't get all that took place.  Here Tripp is trying to get up the nerve to break the egg over his wifey (of 21 years as of today)!  What you can't see in these pics is Riley standing nearby telling Tripp he wouldn't do it, that he was scared, etc.  Well, he did it!

You also don't see Trail breaking an egg over Riley, or Riley showing Trail all the confetti in his cup then pouring the water on him.  You don't see me catching Tripp and holding him down while Hope breaks an egg in his pants.  (It might not have happened quite that easily but it sure makes the story sound better.)

 We love being all crazy like this!  Yes sometimes we get mad at each other,'s still fun!

My babies had a fun time gathering eggs this year.  They both actually understand what was going on.  Their goat Aena (pronounced A-na), just sat and watched.  She was so sweet, maybe a little too sweet and that's why she doesn't live here anymore.  Riley wanted a goat he could rope.  Goats....that's a whole other story!