Thursday, January 30, 2014

We have news!!

Scout and Reno are bursting to share our news.  It is after all big a big sister and brother!

Scout can't wait to be a big sister AGAIN, which mostly means that she can't wait to be a little mama! Who can blame her??

Reno, well.....all he says is that he wants it to be a boy!

It is a bit early to tell the whole world, but I'd rather you all find out from us than anyone else!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ahhh.....I'm tellin' ya!!

You better not cry, you better not pout, you better not cry, you better not pout!!!  (repeat like 100 times)  

Scout was asleep while brother was singing.  I guess that is obvious because she would be correcting this poor guy.

We did bump into the jolly fella at Trail's Christmas Program.  Scout was excited and anxious.  Reno wouldn't sit in his lap, but did grab onto his arm.

So we've never tried to convince our children that Santa is real.  We mostly just don't say much about it.  We usually don't even say "what do you want Santa to bring you?".  

So, not too long before Christmas this was our conversation.
Scout: Is Santa real?
Me: What do you think?
Scout: REAL

I'm sure that if I had been trying all along to convince her that he was real, she wouldn't believe me! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

A Football Party

 This past October my Reno turned THREE!!  I still can't believe he is so big already.  He loves football so much and since the season was even right, we decided on a football party.  Every year we have been able to have it mostly on the back porch.  Not this year!!  It rained and was pretty cold.    

I did the cakes myself.  Talk about cake fail!!  I tried this recipe and that recipe and I think I figured that I made about 8 recipes of white and chocolate cake by the time it was over and done with.  This is the little that I ended up with.  
The good part is that kids don't know the difference!!

Reno Wade Smith........loves horses, football, basketball, pizza, sour yogurt, and his Sissy.  He calls Mommy "cowgirl" and lives to "give shot of cows with Daddy!"  Oh and he was not potty trained by his third birthday!

 I love watching his sister's expressions as she helps him out with the candles.
 He of course received great gifts from family and friends.  A football party wouldn't be a football party if the birthday boy didn't receive a Broncos get-up!!
I'm not sure why I don't have pics of our other guests, but here is a great one of Uncle KD and Aunt Tandy!!
 Happy 3rd Birthday Big Boy!!