Thursday, May 31, 2012

San Antonio - Remix/Mix-Up

This title simply means that it is out of order.  We did indeed  see the South TX Smiths two months in a row, which was fabulous.  Wish we could see them once a month, but it just isn't possible. 

Better late than never, right?  So here's to our trip to San Antonio in April.  

 I said SA hates me because I always complain about how soggy it is there.  I'm starting to think that maybe it likes me instead.  We enjoyed beautiful weather.  I was even wishing for a jacket when we were down on the River-walk.  What a relaxing time!
 The kids enjoyed pool time.  Once again, I've never seen a little munchkin that loves water more than Saylor Quinn.  She and Scout pretty much wore everyone out going around and around that little pool.  

Reno, now he was more of a stick-my-toes-in, play-with-the-water-hose kind of guy!  I can't believe I missed a pic of it in his mouth.  That is pretty much where it stayed.  

I feel like the kids have changed so much just since the middle of April, especially Miss Say Say!

I don't think I had ever been to the River Walk and I know Riley hadn't.  We decided to check it out since it was fairly close.  Everyone we spoke to recommended this certain place for lunch, with strict orders to have the Chicken Fry.  I was sort of hungry for it, so I gave it a whirl.  

Here is my two cents about chicken fry at a restaurant.  If you know how to make it, don't order it.  You will, I repeat you WILL be disappointed.  I've never gotten one that even resembles home-made.

Kait and I worked out.  I was recovering from the flu and it was my first time back after a week off.  We ran with her friend/instructor Jess at a local track.  Talk about painful.  When warm-up is 3/4 of a mile, run know you're about to cover some ground and you're about to hurt.  That was followed by boot-camp style running, lines on the field, and bleachers.  We clocked in at over 4 miles by the time it was over.  Wish we could do that together every Saturday.

 Princess S1 and S2 here.  I'm surprised they aren't matching in this pic.  Gigi kind of started something and now it's addicting.  Every time I pick something for Scout I automatically look to see if they have it in Saylor's size.  Then if they don't I look for what they have in both sizes, etc.  You get the idea.  

Gigi said she saw cute dresses for Kait and I.  lol  Sorry, but I don't think it would be cute for the mamas to match.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This past Sunday we loaded up, by "WE" I mean Tripp's family and our little family, and headed to Guthrie OK.  Riley and Tripp love to team rope in their spare time.  Spare  Most men fix leaky faucets, put up new backyard fences, paint the trim of the house in their spare time.  Our men had rather ranch rodeo, team rope, or calf rope in their spare time.  Oh well, suits me!!

Special Note:  My hubby spent all Saturday afternoon working on my chicken run in the 50 mph wind.  Love you sweetie!!  Of course that will benefit him someday when we have more eggs than we know what to do with.  

My kiddos are really starting to love the water.  I didn't get pics of it, but Reno would just float on his back with Summer or Autumn holding him.  That must be the Smith coming out, because it definitely isn't Townsend. 

I found these little water guns at Target.  Great fun!!

Pretty nifty picture here.  Miss Summer is the photographer.  Come to think of it I stole all but two of these pics.  Somehow I just get busy changing a diaper, chasing a runaway, getting food or drink, etc and I just end up with no pictures.

The kids got pretty bored at the roping and Trail had been just dying to go out to the pond.  

By the way, the Lazy E Arena is sooo pretty.  I could handle a few more trees, but I am positively a flat land kind of girl.  

At the pond Trail caught a fish in a cup and the girls....Well, I think they were busy taking pics.

 We resorted to a number of different activities to get through the day.  We tickled, we chased up and down stairs, we smeared cheese and chocolate popcorn all over ourselves and our surroundings.  We even fell asleep horseback!!

 We were about 12 or 13 holes out of the $30,000 grand prize.  It was fun anyways and you never know, someday we just might win!!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

Thanks to all who have and are serving today!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Technologically Advanced

 Kids these days
 have access to so 
 much more than 
 we ever did!
 Reno only dialed 911 once where
  the Earth police actually came knocking.
Talk about embarrassing!

I don't purposely let him play with the home phone.  I try to keep it up on the kitchen counter where he can't get to it.  Forgive me that he was unattended long enough to snatch it up and push lots of buttons, miraculously beginning with 9 ending with many, many 1's.  Anyone with children knows that could happen in 1 second anyways.  Definitely something I won't forget soon. 

Now lets talk about that fancy pink phone the little lady is operating.  My I-Phone, yes I have one and love it very much.  I have found that it can also be very educational as well as entertaining for my children.

There are some pretty cool apps that I've found for free.  I've listed them below in case you are interested in hunting them down for yourself.  I know I haven't even scratched the surface and would love to hear which apps you people out there are using and love (even if it isn't a kid app).

eFlashApps, LLC - Baby Flash Cards
AlligatorApps - My First Flash Cards
touchapps - Chic Baby Dress Up Game

Oh, but there is a slight problem with the kids using my phone for their games.  They manage to get out of what I set them doing and start messing with my stuff.  Better yet, Reno may even dial 911 again.  lol  So, is there an app that locks your phone into what you are doing?  Just curious.

**These are bad pics of Reno, this is how he rolls these days.  Lots of blinking for the camera!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Easter 2012

Tandy and KD had Easter at their place once again.  It's starting to be a pretty fun tradition.  They are great entertainers and cooks. 
KD and his brothers fried up some delicious fish.  It was all fish they had caught on one of their deep sea fishing adventures.  We all stuffed ourselves and brought some home too.  Scout even had another helping when we got home at bedtime.  She then finished the rest up the next day.  YUM!!  I'm wishing for some more of it now.

The kids of course love their trampoline.  Reno is pretty hard to keep up with.  There needs to be three or four people around the edges to catch him.  He will run right off the side.  Scout on the other hand is getting pretty good.  She even knows a few tricks.  

Luckily no one got a knot on their head!

Aunt pat made the red velvet cake she usually makes for Easter.  You can't see it that well, but it has a nest with candy eggs in it and a couple of chocolate bunnies.  

KD's brother Joe and his family were there.  This is the first time Scout has gotten to play with Kaitlyn and Cimmaron.  They aren't twins even though they are the same size.  She had a grand time.

Reno on the other hand, did not have a grand time hunting eggs.  He wasn't too excited about hunting to start with.  I can't even remember what he was mad  about, but sometimes just nothing suits him.

It just still wasn't going his way here.  He and Scout went for the same egg.  Luckily Riley was there to referee.  Maybe next year it will go a little better for him.

The front flower bed was perfect for hiding eggs.  The old implements, steer heads, metal creatures, and fence made great hiding places for the eggs.

Even Tate and  Brenden hunted.  Kind of funny the little girls got all the money eggs and not the big boys.  


Reno loves Maxie.  She is a precious dog.  Here she was trying to ignore Reno.  She just wasn't sure what he was up to.

Scout emptied all of her eggs to count the money.  Reno thought it was hilarous to roll around in the different piles she was making.  Typical for him to love messing up her stuff.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 It made me sad getting Scout ready for this princess birthday party.  It felt like I was getting her ready for prom with the fancy hair and makeup.  She of course loved it and had the perfect dress, shoes, crown, and bracelets.
 She had a little trouble keeping the crown on, 
but loved posing for pictures.
The birthday girl is Miss Braylee, the tiny little lady to the right of Scout.  She's a hoot and they do their share of arguing, but love each other.  Scout and Reno have been to Braylee's babysitter a few times when I've had something to do.

The girls on the far right are twins and in Kindergarten this year.  Yep, Scout is pretty much the same size.
Braylee's mom Tammy is the junior high math teacher here at S-E.  I finished the year out for her when Braylee was born.  Braylee's only sibling is Samantha, who will be a senior next year.  Scout and Braylee both think they are 16. That must be why they get along so well.
After the party we traveled to Tandy's for Miss Marli's bridal shower.  We even made the rounds on to Sarah's garage sale.  I hit the jackpot there getting about 10 polo (brand) shirts for Reno.  Exciting!!
Thank goodness the shower was at Aunt Tandy's.  I sat Scout and Reno down on the hearth with a plate and went to get them a drink.  This is what I found when I returned.  I think we can say he enjoyed the cake!!

This did all take place at the beginning of April or maybe it was the end of March.  Either way, I'm going to get caught up.  Just have an Easter post to look forward to.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feedyard Follies

 Yesterday Papa drove in from NM in the Pete.  He is taking some of our cattle to his pasture.  I love the "new to him" Pete.  I'd say it's a pretty snazzy rig just to haul around your own stock.
We worked like mad to get a little lunch ready so he wouldn't have to stop somewhere on his way back.  I highly recommend Pioneer Woman meatballs and rigatoni.  It's in the new cookbook.  I didn't have time to do everything exactly like she says, but I liked it. Especially the meatballs....YUM!!  We stood around and ate, which is pretty much the only option.  I guess I need to get the new storage container/bunk house fixed up.
 My kids wanted to climb all over the truck of course.  Reno was taking pieces of lettuce to the cattle already loaded on the truck.  He must be a true cattleman at heart to know they needed a little roughage.  
We have "peppies" at the feedyard also.  (Oh and the boy is going to talk.  It has started coming out just in the last couple of days.  Yippee!!)  The puppies are by Zippy, the feedyard security dog, and Tug, our red dog.   If you are in the market let us know.  There are three of them.
The folly part comes in at the mud puddles.  It had come a pretty good shower and Reno mostly wanted to stomp through the mud.  Then his boot got stuck and he was just running around in his footy pjs.  Yuck!!  

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Welcome Visit

 This past weekend we had a lovely visit from our sweet cuz from San Antonio.  Saylor Quinn is so so sweet and we just don't get to see her enough.  We enjoy her parents too, come to think of it.  
She loves Scout!  Seriously, she was kissing her about two seconds after they arrived.  Say-Say is fairly laid back unless she gets ticked.  
Reno sort of does his own thing and the girls play.  He and Saylor are liking each other more and more each time they spend time together.
 Did I mention that this baby girl LOVES the water?  No kidding she goes under each times she swims at least three or four times.  That very possibly could be more than Scout has gone under in her whole life. lol  

(I did forget to mention that Scout jumped in all by herself and went under at Abilene.  Progress!!)
The SIL and I always try to workout together.  This time we went to the stadium and ran bleachers.  Miss Scout just had to go with us.  
 Saylor is next to Sweet T and ALT in being able to pull off the headband.  They just look precious on her!  She took a pretty good nap while Kait photographed Scout at the feedyard.  You are going to die when you see them.  Kait did great!!
Attached!!  This girl is first attached to her Mama and next to her Papaw.  Here she is just chillin' with him while we wait for our food to arrive at Leal's.  Luckily we only live 18 miles away from the best Mexican food.....EVER.  I promise!! 
This is the sign we made for the Fed Ex man.  I was expecting a package, but sure didn't want the kids to wake up.  Don't worry I saved it and will use it again if necessary.