Monday, May 21, 2012

A Welcome Visit

 This past weekend we had a lovely visit from our sweet cuz from San Antonio.  Saylor Quinn is so so sweet and we just don't get to see her enough.  We enjoy her parents too, come to think of it.  
She loves Scout!  Seriously, she was kissing her about two seconds after they arrived.  Say-Say is fairly laid back unless she gets ticked.  
Reno sort of does his own thing and the girls play.  He and Saylor are liking each other more and more each time they spend time together.
 Did I mention that this baby girl LOVES the water?  No kidding she goes under each times she swims at least three or four times.  That very possibly could be more than Scout has gone under in her whole life. lol  

(I did forget to mention that Scout jumped in all by herself and went under at Abilene.  Progress!!)
The SIL and I always try to workout together.  This time we went to the stadium and ran bleachers.  Miss Scout just had to go with us.  
 Saylor is next to Sweet T and ALT in being able to pull off the headband.  They just look precious on her!  She took a pretty good nap while Kait photographed Scout at the feedyard.  You are going to die when you see them.  Kait did great!!
Attached!!  This girl is first attached to her Mama and next to her Papaw.  Here she is just chillin' with him while we wait for our food to arrive at Leal's.  Luckily we only live 18 miles away from the best Mexican food.....EVER.  I promise!! 
This is the sign we made for the Fed Ex man.  I was expecting a package, but sure didn't want the kids to wake up.  Don't worry I saved it and will use it again if necessary.  


Jennifer said...

I wish I could pull off the headbands, I look like the biggest dork!
Cute, cute pics!

Rachel said...

Love the pictures, sweet kiddos!!