Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 It made me sad getting Scout ready for this princess birthday party.  It felt like I was getting her ready for prom with the fancy hair and makeup.  She of course loved it and had the perfect dress, shoes, crown, and bracelets.
 She had a little trouble keeping the crown on, 
but loved posing for pictures.
The birthday girl is Miss Braylee, the tiny little lady to the right of Scout.  She's a hoot and they do their share of arguing, but love each other.  Scout and Reno have been to Braylee's babysitter a few times when I've had something to do.

The girls on the far right are twins and in Kindergarten this year.  Yep, Scout is pretty much the same size.
Braylee's mom Tammy is the junior high math teacher here at S-E.  I finished the year out for her when Braylee was born.  Braylee's only sibling is Samantha, who will be a senior next year.  Scout and Braylee both think they are 16. That must be why they get along so well.
After the party we traveled to Tandy's for Miss Marli's bridal shower.  We even made the rounds on to Sarah's garage sale.  I hit the jackpot there getting about 10 polo (brand) shirts for Reno.  Exciting!!
Thank goodness the shower was at Aunt Tandy's.  I sat Scout and Reno down on the hearth with a plate and went to get them a drink.  This is what I found when I returned.  I think we can say he enjoyed the cake!!

This did all take place at the beginning of April or maybe it was the end of March.  Either way, I'm going to get caught up.  Just have an Easter post to look forward to.


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, how cute!!!

Kait said...

Prettiest princess I've ever seen!

Rachel said...

That's too cute!!