Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kitchen Helper

Hope lets her do this all the time.......I rarely do.

I'm not sure if she's the kitchen helper or if I am.

Move over Pioneer Woman.......I can cook.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo Shoot

I wanted to take Scout's picture in this cute outfit. She sort of cooperated and sort of didn't. This is about as good as it gets with her.

Cheese!!.........................................................................You want me to do what?

Starting to get bored.........................................................................Blowing sugar!

Can't sit any longer.....................................................................Here you can have this bow!!

P.S. You read the shirt, right?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our First Calf Roping

When we speak of firsts we usually mean for Scout. This time it is a first for the whole family. Riley entered the Joe's Boot Shop Calf Roping. When we watched last year he said that he was going to enter and he has tied calves a little throughout the year. He really only started roping hard about three weeks ago. He had some bad luck, a great run, and two so-so runs. We were not required to stay for the short-go if you know what I mean. It was a pretty long day/night, but he had fun and we had fun watching.

Gigi and Papaw came to watch. While I was gone to get supper Gigi bought Scout this pink horse. Surprise!! Well it turned out to be great entertainment even if it is pink.

They brushed the horse.....

They cleaned out his feet........EWWWW...YUCK!!!

Mostly Scout rode the horse.

Not sure how the legs kept from breaking.

She also pulled the bridle off of the horse no less that fifty times.

We get so many compliments on these spurs. I'm already sad for when she outgrows them.

My handsome calf-roper hubby sporting "the string". I love it!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mud Pies

I guess this isn't really "mud pies" but that sounds more lady-like. About the only thing to do in our backyard is to feed the dog. On this particular day Scout took over the water bucket as we were headed into the dog pen. She commenced to making herself a mud hole to play in.

The "previous, paranoid, with0ut her own child" Tori would never have let this kind of thing happen. For some reason things like this aren't that big of deal anymore.

I just realized that you don't actually see her face in any of these pictures because of the shaggy, un-done hair. Once again.....not that big of a deal.

Gross, just gross, but it washed!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our First Easter that Counts

Scout was around 10 months old last Easter, but she couldn't walk which means no egg hunting and the weather was yucky which means not wearing the "planned" Easter outfit. Boy did we make up for it this year!

Scout playing on the playground at school. Gotta love that West Texas wind.

Scout, Hope, Julie, & Sutton before the hunt.

Scout found this chair that is "just her size" out behind the old gym. Egg hunting is tiring.

Sutton, Scout, Sully, & Trail

All dressed up for the rodeo in Guthrie. In the sorting I made the mistake of hollering that some cattle were trying to go back to the herd, so Miss Copycat had to do the same.

From Guthrie we went on the Seymour to spend the weekend with the Smith family. There is a family reunion the same weekend that Lizzie graduates so they had a early get-together. Thanks Lizzie for hiding the eggs!

Hurry up....I need to know what's "in err".

Scout liked hunting eggs pretty well. She kept calling her basket "her purse".

A little fella "Cain" was also at the egg hunt. I thought this picture was funny because they both had their mouth full of candy.

Scout and Tegan had a great time playing ball together.


Scout got pretty good with the sword. Just ask Riley she whacked him in the face the next morning.....sweet little "wake-up call".

Easter gifts? I was never given Easter gifts.

Scout and her Daddy looking beautiful in blue.

Riley Smith Family - Easter 2010

If all of that wasn't enough, we came home and went to the Townsend's for a cookout. Pop cooked sausage on the grill, yummy.
Fun times!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pay, Pay, Pay

"Pake, Tate, Tanny, Donn," is what we heard for about 10 days straight. There were actually a few nights when she was sick and not sleeping well that she would bring it up in the middle of the night. So we went to play.

The stairs are so much fun. She especially likes it when Maxie goes up and down with her.

Watching the boys ride out at the track. Their beloved "tail-water pit", which is perfect for jumping is full of water right now.

The go-kart and dirt bike are parked together so she could just climb back and forth as she pleased.

Looks like a pro!! I am a little afraid of how wild this child will be on a machine like this.

She proved that she has no fear when we put her on the trampoline. I did not witness it "thank goodness", but the story is that she ran right off the other side. Tate tried to catch her and she was dangling by a leg. She crashed of course, but didn't cry too long.

This picture looks super bossy, but I think she was trying to put her hands on her hips like Tandy had shown her earlier.

We had a very fun time, but the problem is that now she asks for the Adams Family all the more.

**Pictures courtesy of Tandy Adams and the new fancy-smancy camera.

Best Place for a Nap

Last weekend there was a RHAA contest in Amarillo. Riley, Tripp, and Autumn all competed, Hope was a scribe for one of the judges, I chased Scout, Summer was at a horse judging contest in Clarendon, and Trail.....well that's a more complicated story. He hung out with a big group of girls, which is all there was to hang out with. They put stickers all over his face, they hid from him, and for a short while they quietly watched a movie in the press box. It was pretty comical listening in on their conversations as they occassionally rested near us.

Scout loves to ride and I love for her to as well because it means I'm not chasing her.

Wrinkle (the horse) and Daddy make a comfy resting place don't you think? Fine by me because I would have never gotten her to sleep at a place like that.

Hoorey, or Hayray as Scout calls him, must be camera looks like he is trying to avoid the picture. Scout kept telling Autumn to "get down". They can't play when she's up on the horse. I'd better add that Autumn and Hayray won the Sr. Division of the Youth class by about 25 points. Congrats!!