Friday, September 30, 2011

Hair Washing

Scout is such a helper with Reno. Washing his hair in the bath is just one of the many duties that she so willingly takes upon herself. lol

He takes it fairly well, about as well as he does the spankings and scoldings that he gets. You can see here that he's about to make a run for it.

I keep telling her that it so important to be nice to him. At this point she doesn't understand that he will soon "rare back" and hit her.

As I sit writing this I can see them playing in the new "playroom" and it makes me smile. He's getting big enough for them to actually play together.

Duh, I forgot to describe the most important part. When she does this hair washing she gets him seated between her legs. Then she wraps her legs around him to keep him still. In these pics he's already escaped her grasp.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We are in.......

It is still pretty wild around here. We are kind of tired, not sure where everything is, etc. I suppose that is normal for all movers. Our first night here was actually on Saturday the 17th.

I moved into the little "town" house which belonged to Grandma Hazel in 2004. (She had moved into town in 1986 so that we could move out to the farm.) Riley joined me there in 2005 and we've since added 2 children and a whole bunch of junk.

Sunday morning after our 1st night!!

(Gotta love Papaw getting everyone's attention in the reflection. lol)

We still aren't completely in the "country" like we'd like to be. However we are outside the city limits and we have a great back porch for the kids to play on that overlooks lovely corn and cotton fields.

There is lots of work yet to be done. We have really changed the place, just with paint, a few new doors, and some beautiful texture. Thanks Hope, you really saved the day (or pocketbook). I'll post before and after pics as soon as I'm happy with the after.

I'm still trying to decide where some of the furniture should go and to get the playroom and office organized soon. Well it will have to be soon because Reno's birthday will be here before we know it.

We did have some excitement along the way. Believe it or not it doesn't involve Scout.

A) I spilled half a quart of stain in Scout's bedroom.

B) Reno got into the blue paint in our room.

C) A few trips up the ladder. Don't worry I was watching!!

D) Couldn't find the box with wedding ring and some cash for a week! It has been found, thank goodness!!

Papaw trying to get blue paint off of Reno.

It even soaked through his shorts onto the diaper!!

This boy loves to climb!

Last, but absolutely not least..........Thanks to Gigi and Papaw for helping so much. We couldn't have gotten the painting or moving done without your help. This retirement thing really worked out well for us. lol I know the kids enjoyed it!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

"This little.....

boobie stayed home, this little boobie went to market."

This is what Scout told Reno in the bath tonight as she pointed to his "boobies".

Maybe they shouldn't be bathing together anymore. Who knows what is next. lol

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember

Below you will find what was posted on the AQHA facebook page today. It is so nicely titled and fitting for the day.

There were a few that totally missed the point here. Unfortunately it kind of turned out to be funny.

There were 34 comments. See if you can guess which comment was mine. (Hint: Not "hes")

American Quarter Horse Association
We remember.

1,619 people like this.

American Quarter Horse Association In this photo: Riley Smith of Earth, Texas, at the 2010 Working Ranch Cowboys Association World Championship Ranch Rodeo. AQHA photo.

-omg is he single? lol God Bless
-I thought the same thing Tamora...he's hot. :
-We Will NEVER Forget.... Always Be Bless'd & Be a Blessing Thank You AQHA
-god bless you guys and the familys of the lives lost
-Always. We remember.
-we remeber..........
-we remeber- beautiful picture, ~god bless~
-Yes ! We will all remember!!
-We remember
-Can he remember closer to me lol
-I borrowed this pic for the day, I hope that's okay?
-I think in honor of all the nine eleven victims I will ride my stormie for a while in honor of them.
-We will never forget is correct.
-Like horse, LIKE rider! :)
-god bless those who lost their loved ones.
-That horse looks like my friends but her is a hanoravian
-Great photo!
-I love this pic, God Bless America!
-A great tribute to the 9-11 victims...
-God Bless The USA
-god bless America
-Lovely to all those falling in love with the dude. I'm falling for that gorgeous horse. Dang thing is BEAUTIFUL.
-I will NEVER FORGET. GOD BLESS AMERICA and the families/friends who lost a loved one. THANK ALL OF YALL WHO SERVED/SERVING- I keep you in my prayers. What a beautifull picture and a GREAT TRIBUTE TO ALL WHO LOST THEIR LIVES ON 9/11
-That's my uncle!?
-least we forget, my heart goes out from England
-What could be bettter, God, America and horses.
-I think he's hot too. It is awesome being married to Riley Smith He's the most wonderful husband and dad!! Thinking of those who have lost a special someone.
-God bless you all.
-America needs to stand strong! God bless the fallen and those who remain! Pray our troops stay safe!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Absolutely my favorite

pics......ever!! It could be that I think they look great in black and white and the vintage-y frame. So you all know or maybe I should say that it's super obvious that I don't usually edit my pics. The other day I found that ALT put the Photo Elements APP on my phone. Cool deal, or at least I think so.

So what I'm trying to say is that I took these with my I-phone, edited them on my I-phone, then e-mailed them to myself from my I-phone. Get an I-phone. Just think if the phone part doesn't work there are lots of other options to keep you entertained. lol !!

These pictures are precious to me and pretty much sum up our lives. We love to be together and these kids adore their Dad!!

Reno has just started riding with Riley in the past month. He thinks it is the greatest thing and that he should get to ride all the time. It will be interesting to see if that ever changes.

Scout is very much into riding all by herself. I'm afraid we'll be in the market for a kid horses by next summer.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Reno - 10.5 months

I guess I should just start being honest about his age. If I had originally planned to post at the 1/2 month then maybe it would have ended up at the right time.

We have 4 durn kitties at the new house. I let Gigi bring them a few weeks back thinking something would happen to a few as it usually does. Would you know that all 4 plus Balissa are doing great!! Balissa is the grown cat already living there when we got the house. Scout named her of course. Reno loves these cats. He actually loves any kind of animal.

I'm not sure how much you weigh Mr. Reno. My guess is around 18 pounds. You are still very much our little "lightweight". Your food of choice at the moment is mashed potatoes. At exactly 10 months we ditched formula and put you on whole milk. You have been doing great with it. You still love water and aren't wild about juice.

Just in the last week you have started sleeping all night. Finally!! You've been a pretty good napper all along even if it was for just 15 or 20 minutes. We lay you down and shut the door and you go to sleep on your own. The pacifier is history I suppose. Just in the last week you've been throwing it across the room instead of sucking it.

Pinching, scratching and biting are on your list of how to aggrivate Mama. You've done the pinching and scratching since you were tiny. My elbow is usually raw or my neck is bright red. Thank goodness Daddy keeps your finger nails clipped good. It is very obvious that you know you shouldn't be doing it either.

You have turned into quite the little ham. It can get pretty wild when you and sister crawl at top speed playing chase. You wrinkle up your nose and snort when you think you're being funny. You newest trick is to climb up the stairs onto Scout's bed and then onto her dresser from there. Needless to say there have been a few crashes.

We are trying to get "NO" into your little brain. It kind of goes with your name.....Re"NO". You have gotten a few little pops mostly for biting or climbing.

You are a super fun, sweet, cuddly guy. We have the most fun with you!!