Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Every year Mother's Day is on the same weekend as the RHAA Finals in Abilene.  Lucky for us, it means that Mom is always here and we get to celebrate.  This year we added Summer's college graduation to the mix.  We have some pretty fun pics going on.
Some sweet nieces of mine told Reno to make a funny face when it was our turn for a pic and so you see the many faces we captured.
Mimi with some of her grandbabies.  We missed the Adams bunch this year.
Isn't my mom so cute?  I sure think so.  Funny thing Reno said as we chatted over lunch in Abilene.  I guess I was saying "mom" a lot and Reno stops me and says, "Mom, have a mom?".  So since then we've been going over who belongs to who, siblings, etc.  It usually turns into a pretty fun conversation.
Hopes and her two "grown-up" daughters! 
The looks on all three of their faces here.
Hope - "I'll get you girl!" 
Summer - "I'm staying out of this one!"
Autumn - "I'm graduating in a few days and I'm not too scared of you lady!"
Scout will be as big as her Mimi before long.
Reno got a new hat in Abilene and if you can't tell he's pretty proud of it.  Also had to have his pants "under" his boots like Tripp.
Celebrating Summer girl being a WTAMU graduate.  Autumn, Reno, and Trail being silly while the rest of us try to take a normal pic.
Posing with my sweet babies!
Scout loves to pose and Reno loved running around the pillars.
The little guy had all he could take and crashed on Autumn while shopping.
The ZOO!!  We couldn't make the trip to Abilene and not visit the zoo.  Trail was a perfect guide!  The kids just chased after him and mom and I kind of tagged along.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


So, my husband has set "GOALS" for me.  That is exactly how he worded it the other night when he explained that my goal for the next day was to update the blog.  So here we are......

My lack of blogging is most definitely a direct result of my laziness.  It just seems that any extra time I have right now I'd rather spend sleeping. Sorry 'bout ya!!

I'm also getting old, in a number of different ways, but most recently it has been that I'm impatient and aggravated with the "e-mail the pic to myself from my phone save it to my computer" process.  I'm feeling super old and even sometimes have trouble finding the pic.  That is a major confession.  Don't judge, I will take any blogging, computer advice you might have for me.  

So, I kind of did a little test.  I put the Blogger app on my phone, grabbed a few pics, saved it as a draft.  Then all I had to do was pull it up on the computer and commence to typing.  So far so good, we'll see how it continues.

It makes me sad that I rarely use my good camera anymore.  Truly I stink at it.  The phone fits in my pocket, yada yada!!

The good thing is that I didn't quit taking pics or semi-documenting our lives like I've always done.....I simply fell off the blog-wagon!

My Scout girl, she loves the camera!!  I mean truly, there are lots of grown women (myself included) that don't savy angling your body and bending one leg for a pic.  She must be hanging out with Aunt Kaitlyn too much.

These pics pretty well signify the closing of lots of things.  Winter (hello spring and wind), high school basketball (and Autumn's senior year...wah!), and another NFL season.  

The final pic, well it just explains just how fun our lives are right now!!  Kids just being kids.  Yes of course it's exhausting sometimes, but if you just stop and look at's fun!  

Thursday, January 30, 2014

We have news!!

Scout and Reno are bursting to share our news.  It is after all big a big sister and brother!

Scout can't wait to be a big sister AGAIN, which mostly means that she can't wait to be a little mama! Who can blame her??

Reno, well.....all he says is that he wants it to be a boy!

It is a bit early to tell the whole world, but I'd rather you all find out from us than anyone else!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ahhh.....I'm tellin' ya!!

You better not cry, you better not pout, you better not cry, you better not pout!!!  (repeat like 100 times)  


Scout was asleep while brother was singing.  I guess that is obvious because she would be correcting this poor guy.

We did bump into the jolly fella at Trail's Christmas Program.  Scout was excited and anxious.  Reno wouldn't sit in his lap, but did grab onto his arm.

So we've never tried to convince our children that Santa is real.  We mostly just don't say much about it.  We usually don't even say "what do you want Santa to bring you?".  

So, not too long before Christmas this was our conversation.
Scout: Is Santa real?
Me: What do you think?
Scout: REAL

I'm sure that if I had been trying all along to convince her that he was real, she wouldn't believe me! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

A Football Party

 This past October my Reno turned THREE!!  I still can't believe he is so big already.  He loves football so much and since the season was even right, we decided on a football party.  Every year we have been able to have it mostly on the back porch.  Not this year!!  It rained and was pretty cold.    

I did the cakes myself.  Talk about cake fail!!  I tried this recipe and that recipe and I think I figured that I made about 8 recipes of white and chocolate cake by the time it was over and done with.  This is the little that I ended up with.  
The good part is that kids don't know the difference!!

Reno Wade Smith........loves horses, football, basketball, pizza, sour yogurt, and his Sissy.  He calls Mommy "cowgirl" and lives to "give shot of cows with Daddy!"  Oh and he was not potty trained by his third birthday!

 I love watching his sister's expressions as she helps him out with the candles.
 He of course received great gifts from family and friends.  A football party wouldn't be a football party if the birthday boy didn't receive a Broncos get-up!!
I'm not sure why I don't have pics of our other guests, but here is a great one of Uncle KD and Aunt Tandy!!
 Happy 3rd Birthday Big Boy!!  

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Mother Nature hasn't been messing around this winter.  I saw something on FB about her going through menopause, which I would mostly agree with.  

Bless her heart, she can't decide if we should heat up to 60 or freeze at 16!

The weekend before Thanksgiving we had a storm!  Scout was released early from school on Friday, Monday was cancelled altogether and on Tuesday we enjoyed a delay.

 It appears that the children built a snowman! was their mother.  Even though we had about a foot of snow, it wasn't super sticky.  I had to use buckets to build this fella.  Then Rover made habit of stealing his accessories.  
This snow/rain stuff is great and fine when the cattle are straight.  Unfortunately we have some Floridas that are not yet acclimated that have been taking the hit.  Of course we hate to speak ugly toward any moisture that we could receive.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Merry Christmas

to you all, and how do you do?  We are all so happy to see you!!"
This was Scout's line at the Kindergarten Christmas Program.

 I figure they put her first because if she were to problem!  She will just make something up and go with it.  The kids did great and I can't imagine the amount of work the poor teachers put into it.
Reno watched intently and then bolted off to be in the class picture as soon the program was over.  
Thanks to Miss Summer and Aunt Hope for coming to watch.  I'm pretty sure that really made the whole thing!
There was also a class party....
Full of friends and family,
fun games,

yummy treats
and crafts
 Mr. Reno was right there with his sister.  He acted so big and just went with the flow.  I'm afraid it will be like the beginning of school all over again in January when sis goes back.....for me too! :(

Thanks to all of the Kinder Mamas that helped me put together this fun time for the kiddos.  

Most of all thanks to the sweet teachers that take such good care of our babies.