Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We go waaay back!

 I go way back with these girls.  Tessa and I became pen pals in junior high after we met at the S-E track meet.  We sort of lost touch in high school but guess who I met up with at WTAMU?  Tessa, a few of her Lockney friends, and I all lived in the same dorm.  

So we had sort of lost touch up until the last couple of years.  Facebook, gotta love it, has brought us back together.  Tessa is now living in Plainview with her husband and two sweet daughters.  She even has a new baby girl named Scout.

Amy transferred to Tech and still lives in Lubbock.  She is an insurance guru and travels the US.  (I'm only sort of jealous.)  

It was great fun to catch up with these ladies.  I know we'll be seeing lots of each other.
Tessa and Sweet Teagan
Teagan and Scout

Tessa and Miss Amy!
Us plus Reno
Our 4 Kiddos!
Mamas & Babies
Tessa with her Sweeties!
Scout & Teagan

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lazbuddie Stock Show

This afternoon I finally transferred pictures from my "good" camera onto the computer.  I've already mentioned Scout showing in the pee wee class at the Lazbuddie Stock Show, but I see now that I have some good pics.

In the barn checking out all the animals.

The Blondies of the family!

Autumn and Reno!

Trail showing his pig!

Reno looks so big here with Mr. Trail.

All Reno wanted to do was play in the dirt.

Scout getting in on the action!

If you need to you can always just slap the pig with your hand.

Trail and Autumn did really well with their pigs.  Autumn won Reserve Breed Burk and Trail won first place Hamp.  Way to go!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hump Day Dump Day

 I personally think this title is much catchier than Friday Phone Dump or whatever it is supposed to be.  I noticed that the one time I actually did it, I said it wrong.
My babies at our favorite picture spot at the bank!

Here they are helping me clean.  I discovered the white vinegar and blue Dawn dish soap cleaner from none other than Pinterest.  I do love it and it doesn't freak me out if the kids touch it. 

 Autumn Leigh turned 16 at the end of last month.  Wow!  Time is sure flying.

 My little Diva!  She loves dressing up as a little jockey and caring for Seabiscuit, Secretariat, or The Pie.  She is absolutely obsessed with horse racing.

 Howdy Doody!

 Knot Head

 Our little pig showman.  She had a big time showing Autumn's pig at the Lazbuddie Stock Show.  Poor pig didn't get to rest a bit.  She would chase after him and showed no mercy with the whip.  The judge randomly gave out ribbons as if he were judging the class.  Don't worry, our shy girl marched up and asked for her ribbon the second she figured out what he was doing.  

 For Christmas I received a gift card for a new sander.  Here she is folks.  So excited!!

 Soap Mustache!

Little friends!  Sawyer belongs to Sarah, my BFF from college.  These guys are three and a half months apart.  Pretty fun, even if they don't care that much about each other now.  Someday they will love playing together.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This is my favorite pic of my babies over the holidays. Best I can tell I never got around to posting it. Kaitlyn and I made these shirts over the Thanksgiving holiday. They wore the dog out of them. I sure wish I'd been making holiday shirts long before now.

I also love the boy's expression in the pic. We were on our way to the bank open house and it's almost like I could hear him saying, "Come on Mom...everybody is looking at us. Do we really have to take a picture?" You know just like his dad always says.
Now the girl, I just think she looks usual.

Valentine's is only a week a way. I'd better get busy!