Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This past Sunday we loaded up, by "WE" I mean Tripp's family and our little family, and headed to Guthrie OK.  Riley and Tripp love to team rope in their spare time.  Spare time....lol  Most men fix leaky faucets, put up new backyard fences, paint the trim of the house in their spare time.  Our men had rather ranch rodeo, team rope, or calf rope in their spare time.  Oh well, suits me!!

Special Note:  My hubby spent all Saturday afternoon working on my chicken run in the 50 mph wind.  Love you sweetie!!  Of course that will benefit him someday when we have more eggs than we know what to do with.  

My kiddos are really starting to love the water.  I didn't get pics of it, but Reno would just float on his back with Summer or Autumn holding him.  That must be the Smith coming out, because it definitely isn't Townsend. 

I found these little water guns at Target.  Great fun!!

Pretty nifty picture here.  Miss Summer is the photographer.  Come to think of it I stole all but two of these pics.  Somehow I just get busy changing a diaper, chasing a runaway, getting food or drink, etc and I just end up with no pictures.

The kids got pretty bored at the roping and Trail had been just dying to go out to the pond.  

By the way, the Lazy E Arena is sooo pretty.  I could handle a few more trees, but I am positively a flat land kind of girl.  

At the pond Trail caught a fish in a cup and the girls....Well, I think they were busy taking pics.

 We resorted to a number of different activities to get through the day.  We tickled, we chased up and down stairs, we smeared cheese and chocolate popcorn all over ourselves and our surroundings.  We even fell asleep horseback!!

 We were about 12 or 13 holes out of the $30,000 grand prize.  It was fun anyways and you never know, someday we just might win!!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

Thanks to all who have and are serving today!!

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Rachel said...

Man, y'all are a busy bunch running all over the country side! Sounds like you have plenty of fun though! :)