Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School

Old Settler Reunion in Roaring Springs, Texas is near back-to-school.  This year it was right before.  We competed on Friday night.  We chose to go ahead even though we have qualified for the WCRR.  That's how much we love their little rodeo.  Check out the Working Ranch Cowboys Association's facebook page.  It gives me the shivers, because that's my handsome hubby on their cover photo. 

We had times in everything and pretty darn good ones, but I don't even think we placed.  That's how tough the rodeo was.  Riley did win top hand though.  Yes, I am his braggy wife.  I guess it's pretty easy to do since he is Mr. Modest about himself.

My mom's precious cousin Mary Beth (aka Mirt) and her hubs Chris come to the rodeo every year.  They own an LMH, a motorhome, bus, whatever you want to call it and stay in Roaring Springs quite often.  Mr. Reno is pretty big pals with Mr. Chris.   
You'll have to excuse my bad photography.  It's kind of hard to get any action shots when you are 5'3" and there's a silly chicken wire (not really) looking fence in the way.

On with the back-to-school......Scout isn't actually going to pre-K this year.  I decided that it would sort of put me out of a job if I sent her to school.  Actually it's that I can't bear the idea of losing her (to a stupid school).

We partied with all the other back-to-schoolers as if we were going.  lol

Jenna Beth (will be in Reno's class) & her big sis Emma!
These girls got this horse to really spinning!!  One time I thought Scout might give up and be bucked off , but she out-lasted him. lol
More of Scout's classmates....(when she goes).  Caleb and Gerrit in the front.  Caleb's twin, Carly with Scout in the back.  
Gracee (my old boss Brad's daughter) and Scout!
Next year Reno and I will be crying that she's in school.  For now, I'm just thankful, grateful, overjoyed, relieved, and ecstatic about not starting myself.  I am truly fortunate to get to stay home with these darlings and not have to wrestle 8th graders.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ring around the Rosie...

It's actually a square pen that our sweet Rose lives in but what I'm saying is that she lives here now.  The pen and horse trap are finally completed.  It is also so nice to put a horse up here for the night instead of driving 10 miles to and from the feedyard.  
All you can eat Sister!
Only Dad has time to look at the camera.
Horse trap looking back at the house.
Proud girl with her pony!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seymour & More

A week or so ago we went to Seymour to spend the night with Riley's aunt and uncle.  Kevin and Jody have a beautiful place and it just gives me the "wants" when we visit.  Jody teaches swimming lessons at her own pool and I wish so badly that Scout could take from her.  We just may be going down again before the season is over.  

 The next morning we headed to Vernon for a little pickup shopping.  We pretty much already knew exactly which pickup we wanted.  Vernon Auto Group sells Ford, Chevy, Dodge you name it, they have it.  

We arrived at 9 am and left town around 3 pm.  All but lunch was spent there at the dealership.  They were really great, but trading in our pickup etc took a really long time.  Needless to say the kids started to get pretty restless.  

 There isn't too much difference in the old pickup and the new one.  We went for a lighter color this time.  They claim the older ones get better gas mileage etc.  We must be plain idiots to trade but both vehicles are about the same age and we didn't want to have to upgrade at the same time.   We left a little wedding confetti in the old one.  Seriously can you believe it was still there after almost 7 years?  Krisitin sure knows how to decorate a going away pickup.  Wow....that's a whole story for another time.  lol

 Thank goodness the silly thing fits in the garage.  It's kind of sad to leave it sitting there and drive my old car around.  That's ok though.  Most likely we will have this same pickup when Scout graduates from high school.  lol  Maybe she can buy it from us.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I've been trying to keep up with this Instagram photo a day stuff.  It appears that I'm not so good either.  Not sure why, because I always have my phone.  It probably has something to do with two small children, dogs, chickens, a garden, and a house to keep.  Wah, huh?

Just for fun here are a few that I participated in.
Handwriting (Riley's too!  lol)
Why did I put my closet?  I have many closets that look much better than this.
except I forgot so it was Scout's Sno Man Cone.

Mirror Pic...
wearing my new favorite tie-dye denim jacket/shirt.

Sandhill end of month computer screen.

Self Portrait

Something you love!
That would be turquoise, junk, and western decor.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 there have been quite a few little po-dunk ranch rodeos around.  I don't really mean anything by "po-dunk" other than they aren't WRCA sanctioned and a guy can usually be on more than one team.  Therefore, it turns out to be a small group of guys and they just team up differently to make 10-15 teams.  Crazy and confusing.
Bethany & Leah got to ride Rose!
I think they will be needing their own pony soon.
Earth actually has one of these ranch rodeos now instead of the amateur rodeo they used to have.  I think the town folks like watching people they know.
See what I mean about the dust! (Riley's face)
Lazbuddie FFA had one for a fund raiser.  It turned out well except for the arena needed some water.  You would see the guys take out after a cow or yearling and then you couldn't see much until the dust settled and they were leaving the arena.

Trail has been putting on some little (bull) calf riding as well.  It's been pretty fun to watch all the younger ones try their hand at bull riding.  It seems like they all want to ride.  

At Lazbuddie I asked Scout if she wanted to ride.  She replied "no" and kept on playing in the dirt.  I reminded her to watch Trail.  Trail and a few more rode then she says, "Mama I want to ride a calf".  I said, "Take off" since we weren't near the bucking chute.  Summer took her over there and then she was on a calf before I knew what was going on.  Her dad held on to her so she didn't hit ground.
Can you tell she was proud of herself?
Sorry for poor pic's all I got.
The only other thing that has been happening in our little world is that we got a puppy.  I have been so good at saying no for ages, well since Christmas.  lol  The other day Riley even offered to get me a Corgi or some kind of "pet dog" in replacement of child #3.  He is such a party pooper.  

So, when Larkin said they had border collie/kelpie puppies to get rid of I jumped at the chance.

Rocket Dog at the vet!
Sorry I cut his head off.
This little guy is precious.  His name is Rocky but I call him "Rocket Dog". Yes, like the shoes.  I think it's cool!

We've been letting him stay in the backyard on hot afternoons and so-far-so-good.  He mostly naps in the shade.

Now for just a few random pics
Reno in Tripp's hat.
I caught these two reading books like this.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, Tandy and I took our kiddos to Mimi and Papa's for a couple of days.  We kind of barged in on Mimi's last free weekend before she started back to school.  

It was a super fun time just seeing the sights and being with family (cuz we sure didn't catch any fish).

These two are getting so big!
...on the way up to Valle Vidal!
My kids and I with Papa!
Scout was afraid to get out at first....I guess too many bear stories.
Tandy  & the boys
Little Miss had to have a pink Princess fishing pole!
Scout did a great job casting her line.
Patience....not so much.
Teaching brother how to cast!
With me, Reno wanted to run out in the water.
With Papa, he would just sit and talk about it.
Of course!
Tandy & I with Mimi
We drove on down the other side of the mountain and came out near Questa.
We came through Red River, Eagle Nest, and then back to Cimmaron.  So that made a total of around 55 miles of slow going mountain roads and not sure about highway.
Kids did great though!
Mimi and Reno walked the trails at the Gravel Pond in Cimarron Canyon.
Believe it or not, he never fell in the water all day.
Newest little fisher of the family!
Gravel Pond was so pretty and a very neat campsite.
Well, unless you read about the creepy campers and theft that went on that weekend.  My friend Jennifer and her family camped there.
Papa babysitting once again!
Mimi fixing Scout up to go exploring the trails.  Scout left her pole to Papa and Reno.
Thank goodness for grandparents to help chase kids.
Me and kids!  We were a little chilly up at the top.
I usually take all kinds of things we don't need, so I threw out the jackets.  So dumb!
The Cimarron WRCA Ranch Rodeo was on Saturday.  We went to watch just for kicks even though Sandhill wasn't in it.  This is how Reno fell asleep.  Kind of odd......of course then he didn't sleep all the way home.  Seriously!!  Didn't sleep on the way up until we went over Mimi's cattle guard a half mile from the house.  lol
My super-duper Mama and I!

Soffing Siting #1
Scout soffed Mimi all the way through the Canyon.
Soffing Siting #2
Scout soffed Tate all the way home to TX.
I should explain the "soffing" a little.  Scout has had this thing since she was around a year old that she needs to "soff" your arm.  She prefers women and children, men not so much.  I guess their arms aren't soft enough.  She mostly does it when she has gum in her mouth, is eating, or going down for a nap.  You can see in the pic with Tate that she is sucking on her gum too.  At least she doesn't have to do it to fall asleep.  Silly girl!

Happy Mountains to all.  It seems like everyone is taking a little va-cay to the mountains this year.  Maybe this winter we'll try letting her snow ski.  I'd better go before I completely forget how.