Friday, October 31, 2008

Cousins, cousins....

Yep I'm going out of order here, but that's just me.....kind of out of whack. On Thursday evening Riley, Scout, and I met G-Ma-Ma, Aunt Sis, Bryce & Jaimi, Blake, and Sean, Missy, Tylee, & Tailee for supper in Clovis. It was very nice to get to see everyone, too bad we don't get together more often. Try the salmon at Cotton was delicious!!

Cousin Missy & Scout

G-Ma-Ma & her girls!!

Scout, Tailee, & Tylee

Happy Halloween

Ok, so I've been waiting for this day for a few weeks now. Funny how I've never cared too much about Halloween until this year. I'm pretty sure it was more about me than Scout. I made the "tootsie roll". No it isn't perfect, but I must admit...I am very proud. We went to LaVerne's nursing home in Muleshoe yesterday and to Noma's nursing home in Olton today. Of course, things didn't really go as planned. There were a couple of different things that hindered our trick or treating.

#1 - Too HOT!! It is not supposed to be 85 on Halloween. I had a turtleneck for Scout to wear under the "tootsie roll", which is made of felt. Since it was so hot, we dug up a white onesie that was about 3 sizes too small. It would barely button and then it was pulling on her shoulders and hiked up her leg. Poor thing.

#2 - Hungry!! Scoutie was more interested in a bottle than entertaining those old people.

#3 - Sleepy!! Once we had the bottle and a car seat ride, we were too sleepy to trick or treat at Gran's (Hope's G-ma).

So...things didn't go perfectly, but I'd say she was a hit!! Am I bragging? Sorry, sometimes mommas just can't help that, can they?

Scout & LaVerne

Autumn, Summer, Scout, Julie (Hope's mom), & Trail

Hope, Scout, & Noma

Scout & her Mom

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Daddy's Girl

Scout really loves her daddy and of course he thinks she's pretty great too. The other night he was getting her ready for bed and I caught some of it on video. Pretty cute!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This past weekend Scout and I went to our family reunion. We had a great time!! Now to explain the L A Z Y.........Tandy did a great job posting about our little adventure, so please go to her blog and check it out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6 things you might not know about me....

OK Tandy.....just for you.

1. I am a horrible driver. Been in lots of wrecks, starting in about the 4th grade. I blame Tripp and Tandy for this.

2. I was only in labor for about 2 and 1/2 hours with Scout. No epidural....nothing.

3. I hardly ever/never pay regular price for clothes.

4. I am more excited about my shiny black kitchen-aid mixer than most people are about a new car. Maybe this is because I won't be getting a new car anytime soon.

5. My left elbow comes out of socket very easily.

6. I love candy, cokes......any kind of sugar. I've been eating horribly since Scout was born.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ranch style beans!! It's like they are my best friend and my enemy too. Riley loves RS beans more than any other item in this world. (Well.....Chips Ahoy would be right up there.) He wants them with every meal or in every meal, which is easy for me. However, I don't feel that it is helping me grow into a good/gourmet cook like I would love to be. When I'm at the store buying 6 or 7 cans at a time I feel like people look in my basket and feel sorry for my poor husband. I want to have a sign explaining that this is his request.

The other Sunday evening......I can't remember what I had fixed for supper, but Riley "needed" beans and heaven forbid I had let us run out. He got all dressed up in shorts, t-shirt, sandals (with socks) and cap to head to Allsup's to get some. The whole time I'm sitting her thinking that if I needed him to go to the store for garlic or cream or something like that he would ask if he had to or if I could make do without it. Now here he is making a special trip for RS beans.

I have even made a pot of real beans that everyone claimed was tastey.....except for Riley. He sure didn't start requesting them. Maybe this "situation" is truly a reflection of my cooking. I must have yet to put a side dish before my food obssessed husband that can even compare with RS beans.

So help me out here people. Do your hubbies love, hate, tolerate....RS beans? What about you? What can I do here? Send me recipes/sympathy whatever you have.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Got My Hair Did!!

Friday evening Hope and Autumn babysat Scout for a couple of hours while I did some stuff at "work". I originally ask Summer to babysit, but she had a date. I can't believe she is old enough for that stuff. It seems like yesterday she was Scout's age. I'll get back to the real story here.

Autumn did Scout's hair. She used a little water bottle and spiked it and even put a little clip in it. Hope said that Scout really got a kick out of it. Then she got to wear Autumn's wig and glasses. Pretty funny, huh!!

Getting her hair did!!

"the wig & glasses"

Partners in crime!

She already dislikes SCHOOL!!

So on Friday morning Scout and I got up early and headed to Muleshoe to see all of our friends at school (Watson Jr High, Muleshoe). I taught 8th grade Math there for two years. The folks there are pretty great and we were glad to see them. A few of them have seen Scout in Leal's or the grocery store, but it was the first meeting for most. Scout didn't really get a nap that morning and she was pretty sleepy. By the time we got to Lindy's room she started fussing and actually cried a little. That's why I said she already doesn't like school.

Kay & Scout

Lindy & Scout

Thursday, October 9, 2008

4 Months......Already???

Scout had her 4 month doctor appointment yesterday. She got four shots and an oral. I had been telling the nurse that she wasn't going to cry. Of course I didn't know that, just hoping. She never even made a face on the first two sticks and kind of hollered on the third and fourth. She quit crying before I even picked her up. What a big girl!! I am very proud of her.

Scout's 4 month stats:

Weight - 15 pounds (75th percentile)
Height - 26.25 inches (95th percentile)

I took Scout to Granny-Great's (Riley' grandma) house when we got to town. She looked after "tootsie" while I ran errands. I was able to meet Sarah for lunch and get alot done in a very short time. I think they had fun. Granny loaded Scout up in a shopping cart, with pillows and blankets of course, and they went visiting. I'm so sad that I don't have a picture of it. Next time I'll leave the stroller. Thank you granny!!

I must also report her two new tricks. She snorts like a pig. I have no idea where she got that, must be from the Smith or Creamer side. Ha Ha that's a joke. Tandy and I snort all the time when we laugh. I'm hoping Scout is just going through a phase. She doesn't always make a full snort, mostly she wrinkles her nose and blows air in and out.

Scout has also found her toes over the past couple of weeks. She even gets upset when she's in her carseat and can't get a foot in her mouth. Nothing like sucking on your big toe. So now we always have soggy socks. Yuck!!

Yummy Toes!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shipping Cattle

Last Wednesday, yes I know I'm a little behind, we went to Stinnett to ship cattle with Grams & Gramps Smith. Here are a couple pics from our short time there.

We pulled up and Gramps (Bob) was moving some cattle to a different pasture. Riley jumped on Gunner bareback to help. (You can see him in the distance.) I would have ended up on the ground if I had tried.

Scout and Grams stayed in the pickup while we gathered.

Here are a couple of pics of the critters. Gunner was about to knock me down when I tried taking pictures of him. He is such a big pet. It's almost like he's a dog in a horse body. Tug was so happy to get to "work". He stays home a lot during the summer when they don't have cattle turned out on pasture. There isn't much for him to do around the feedyard.


Tug a.k.a. Tuggy, Tug-a-Lug