Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A couple of months ago when Scout and Reno were both sick we did lots of rocking and singing. I sang "Rock-A-Bye Baby" even though I don't really know the words that well. I promise I don't sing it the way she does.

"Rock-a-bye 5 babies in the tree top".............She won't have it any other way now.

Also thought I'd go ahead and share the latest. She stayed with Hope and the kids while Riley, Reno and I went to Amarillo on Monday. We didn't get home until 9 that evening. When we got to our house she was hungry and claimed that she had only eaten ice cream all day long. We pretty much believed her but we knew she had been offered something better.

I asked her what Hope ate for supper just to get some sort of answer. Nothing. Next I asked her what Autumn ate for supper. Her reply, "crap ham".

Turns out that she and Autumn had a snack while they watched Nemo together. What could possibly be called "crap ham"? beef jerky

There will never be a such thing as beef jerky ever again. Oh and they really had quesadillas for supper but I still haven't heard a word about them.

Peace, Love, & somtimes Scout tells big "windys"

Monday, July 18, 2011


is the offspring of one of the roping heifers.

She was born on one of those days awhile back when it was 108 degrees.

She is a little fighter!! Oh and did I mention that she is so stinking cute?

She is also smaller than a fairly small dog (hence the name Bitsy).

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reno - 9 Months

He is happy about it, his Mama......not so happy. Where has the time gone?

He is a big ham around the people he knows. Can you say Riley Smith? That is pretty much exactly how his old man is. Right now he is very much into me, unless Dad is around. He generally cries when Riley leaves the house.

M-O-B-I-L-E!! This boy is very mobile. He started pulling up almost immediately after he started crawling. Lately he wants to try out stairs. The sad thing is that he is an accident-looking-for-a-place-to-happen. It's probably hard to tell, but he has a fat lip in these pics. It didn't just bust it, but skinned it as well. Mama's fault, don't ask. :(

Andy, oh Andy....we left him in the dust a long time ago. I think Reno weighs about 17 lbs now. This boy is very spoiled and pretty much only eats table food. I'm certain he would chow on a chicken fried steak if we'd let him. He likes refried beans, potatoes, fruit, raw veggies. Maybe we should try listing what he doesn't like. ha

We discovered that he can drink out of a straw. One day I offered it to him and he just did it. It has also been brought to my attention that when Tripp was "babysitting" at Hugo.....he gave him Dr. Pepper. The contest is over. Tripp is the winner so he won't need another drink of coke until he is at least 2!! Thanks!!

Reno has figured out the chasing game. Scout gets down and they crawl all over the house chasing each other. He also thinks it's fun to go under stuff...your legs, the table, the side of sister's teepee. You get the idea. Another trick he knows is to shake his head back and forth as if saying "no". I'm pretty sure he has no clue right now, but that'll come soon enough.

He is already discovered how to throw a fit to get what he wants. Scout did the stiffen up and scream thing at two weeks so we were already used to it with her. This guy has been alot more mellow than she is/was up until this past month. Boy has he cut loose!!

This is exactly what I'm talking about!! He also wrinkles up his nose and snorts, which is a Tandy/Tori Townsend trait. Let me tell you, he sure looks ornery when he does it.

This boy is near impossible to bathe. All he wants to do is stand up. I pretty much just dunk him and call it good. Then once he is out, all he wants to do is dive head first back in with sister. Just imagine. It isn't usually too pretty.

We have two happy, beautiful chillin' and are sooo thankful for them!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Banker in training....

was the title of this picture in the e-mail from our banker. We use First United Bank Earth branch and sure think a lot of Mr. Phillip York.

Riley tells me...."Oh yeah, I wasn't watching Scout very good when we went into the bank and they should've sent you an e-mail with her picture."

I guess Crystal was letting her be a teller while Riley was "taking care of business".

Happy Tuesday!!!'s raining a little here. Not sure how much but we'll take anything.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Red, White, & Blue

Our 4th actually started on the 2nd in Muleshoe. They have a parade and this year added a ranch rodeo. It was a full Bonnie Concho day for us. Summer and Autumn drove the BC four-wheeler in the parade, we were open most of the day, and then set up at the rodeo.

We went to Springlake on Monday for the parade and meal. I haven't been to it since high school and have to admit it is a pretty fun time. Can you say homemade french fries and ice cream served in a 22 oz cup? Oh and a live band too, but I get more excited about the food.

I'd really like to know what the conversation is about here. Someday these little ladies won't be so happy with me for posting this picture, but for now I think it's precious.

As you can see here, Leah isn't really sure what to think of Scout. She likes Reno pretty well though. Poor Reno, I don't have a single picture of him on his first Fourth of July. I assure you he looked handsome in his palm leaf cow-boy hat.

My little tom-boy filled her "Cinderella" bucket with dirt and rocks before the parade started. She sure didn't mind dumping it out to fill with candy though.

Happy Indepedence Day!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


After the birthday party we were lucky enough to have Mimi stay with us for a few days. She helped clean out the garage in preparation for the upcoming move. (Yes, move...just a few miles away, don't get too excited.) So then we took her home and stayed for a couple of days. We got in our bi-yearly trip to Kmart...ha...and packed her trailer for Hugo, CO.

We met the rest of the bunch there on Friday afternoon. It has become tradition to camp out there and we always have a great time. There are two rodeo performances, a ranch horse competition, and this year a friendly game of Dollar Tree plastic baseball. I'm sure people thought we were drinking a little early in the afternoon!

The guys were very consistent in the rodeo. It is two full go rounds and they didn't have any no-times. However, there were a few teams that wons multiple events, etc. Luckily we have already qualified because we didn't even place in the top 3.

Here's a double-mugging tutorial for ya just in case anyone ever wants to try. lol

Four guys horseback, two 500 - 600#ers turned lose from different ends of the arena. Full-blast-it to the cattle, you and your partner take one, the other two guys take the other, duh. Head and heel your steer.

Try to avoid your teammates for safety and so you get a good "shot". This year it seems like there isn't a loop limit, but remember we are going for time.

Tie down your steer ASAP.

Look to see if your teammates are finished. Time is called when both steers are tied. Then they must stay tied for 6 seconds.

Nope.....still tying!! lol

Play peek-a-boo with your auntie to pass the time...

or play in the giant sandbox with 50 other kids....

or eat or drink every kind of junk food you can get your hands on.

Happy Rodeoing Folks!!