Thursday, January 31, 2013

In no particular order

Here we no particular order.  January has been a really fun month.  I feel like I've gotten more accomplished than usual.  Of course I am sort of on a "tear" since I'll be having a wedding shower here the end of March.  Look for some project updates in the near future.

We've had cold weather, we've had summer time weather, and we've had the in-between weather.  Wind, don't forget the wind.  If it wasn't windy I'd be confused and not know how to function.

Riley is 100% addicted to team roping.  Not that he wasn't before, but now it's worse if that's possible.  lol  Our spring and summer calendar is filling up fast, which I like. It's us!  We do well going here and there and everywhere.  We are spoiled, I will admit.  

Here we are......

 jumping on the trampoline,
watching team roping with cousin Trail,
playing with our favorite Colorado cousins,
sporting a dislocated elbow, 
sporting a banged up lip, 
whipping out some chicken fried steak,
rooting for cousin Autumn (from home),
learning to put on eye-liner (thanks ALT!),
playing with the tools we got for Christmas,
enjoying fancy drinks in the winter time (Scout used our Popsicle forms to fancy them up.  lol)
being NERDY!!

Hopefully your month is ending perfectly!! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

 We enjoyed a beautiful New Year's Eve in New Mexico!  Of course they would have liked more snow for the moisture, but it was the perfect amount for my little ones to play in.
Little Squirt even sledded behind the 4 wheeler.  Last thing I knew he was crying for me, next thing he was on the sled.  Mimi walked along just in case.  All of this....with no gloves.  That's my fault, but he's a tough little coot.
I'm pretty sure the girl could have sledded all day.  We left it all hooked up and she got to ride again at chore time.
All smiles!!

The wagon was pretty fun too!
The horses weren't sure what to think about a sledder.  This was right before they took off.  Reed, the little brown colt second from left, will be coming to live with the Smith's next trip.  I'm secretly hoping he will be my horse.  Not sure that's what the hubby is planning though.  

We were lazy.  Well, mostly I was lazy.  My mama took good care of us.  We spent lots of time...
 playing on the I-pad or phone,
climbing on the tiny ladder in Mimi's kitchen,
 backed up to the fire, 
 eating ice cream, 
 chewing the fat!!  lol

Happy New Year!!  It'll be February before we know it!

Monday, January 7, 2013

"Say I Won't"

I came back to the office to check doors and turn off lights.  Somehow I ended up sitting down at my computer.  This is what happened.

I've been inspired.....Inspired by a fellow blogger.  I adore what my friend Elizabeth wrote earlier today.  I don't have a fabulous movie line to compare to or quote.  That just isn't really me.  You should read hers though.  I don't know what moved her to feel like this, but I like it.  

Sometimes I feel like I sit around waiting for the right time.  The right time to paint this or that.  In my mind, the right time would be while kids are sleeping.  However, this nap thing is hardly ever simultaneous and/or for any extended amount of time.  Therefore, my gazillion household projects and cool ideas remain undone.  Ugh!

So here's my version of the "shake my fist" thing.

Say I Won't

I actually said this to myself on the treadmill on Sunday afternoon when I thought I might puke.  (It could have been the Mexican food I had consumed 1 hour earlier, but still......I've become soft in every sense of the word.)  

It's my mantra!  Mantra!!  What in the heck is a mantra and has Tori smooth lost it?


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tell me that I won't do it.....

I first saw this phrase on a cap in the NRS catalog.  It's a brand of clothing.  Love it!

So,....say I won't......

*Get that pantry repainted and looking all Pinteresty by the weekend.

*Read more books and play more games with my kids starting tomorrow.

*Run better than 26:20 in the Color Run on March 23rd.

*Get every single home improvement/project done by March 1st.

*Have my house in tip-top shape for the wedding shower I'm having on March 30th.

*Take care of the mending/sewing pile by the end of the day tomorrow.

*Take more time to visit friends or family when I go to town.

*Completely clean up the kitchen each time I cook.

*Loosen up and laugh!!

You may notice that I've put a time on most of these.  This is where I struggle.  Procrastination is not my friend.  Duh, I've known this forever.  Come on procrastionation......I dare you to "SAY I WON'T"!!

Good luck Ya'll!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Smith Christmas

Smith Christmas this year was a fun time, here at our Casa in Earth.  Reno and Saylor were so much more mobile this year therefore there was never a lack of excitement.  We adults are pretty exciting too, don't forget that.  ha

Gifts, gifts, gifts galore as usual.  Reno and Saylor didn't give a rip about opening gifts and Scout likes to open them and doesn't seem to care what's inside.  She's always asking for her next gift.  My kids received some really super, handmade in the USA toys this year.  Shall I add that I'm very excited about that?

It is sort of becoming Smith tradition to sit around and enjoy time off and not do too much.  We celebrated Brook's birthday.  I won't tell how many because I'll be the same number pretty soon.  His mom made a Waldorf Astoria cake, the "beloved" cake!!  Actually Kaitlyn made the cake and Tam iced.  I did nothing but eat it.  lol
We chilled out on the food this year and tried to spend less time in the kitchen.  Tandy told me about doing canned cinnamon rolls on the waffle iron.  There's nothing to it, just plop one down on each square and cook it just like a waffle.  It doesn't take any time.  Reno said, "good cookie". He also loves ribs.  Something about gnawing on a bone suits this guy.
It turned out to be a white Christmas, which was fun.  No worries this year about getting home or having cattle out, etc.  Luckily none got out either.  

Scout loves Saylor so much.  She wants her for her own baby as you can probably see in the pics.  Scout is such a little Mama and Saylor is actually pretty tolerable of it.  She would suck on her fingers and play with Scout's hair.  
Reno loves Saylor too!  They are still just trying to figure each other out.  No big fights or drama this year.  Sure they exchanged gibberish and maybe a push or two.

My favorite pic is out by the horse pen.  This was on Christmas Eve and it was freezing but they all refused to come in.  Saylor loved wearing Reno's monkey boots around when he wasn't.  She's such a little shoe girl!
How do you like the Christmas shirts?  Cherrycow Headquarters aka Summer painted them for us.  We wore them, washed them, and wore them some more.    

Hope you all had a super, fun, time with family this holiday season!  We sure did and feel so fortunate (every day) and especially this time of year!

Wild Rags in our photos are thanks to Jennifer at Cow Camp Supply.  They turned out to be a hit!!