Sunday, January 25, 2009


It seems like this has been the past couple of weeks for a lot of firsts. I'm talking like big firsts. The first first was getting to ride a horse. She was on Gunner the day we took pictures in the wheat pasture, but it was freezing and she was wrapped in a quilt and probably didn't even realize she was on a horse.

The next first was getting teeth....not a tooth, but both bottom teeth. I guess I had sort of given up on it happening. One day she was chewing on my finger and I actually felt it. She has acted great. How lucky are we?

Another first was going to church with her daddy this morning. I felt yucky so they went without me. He is pretty brave to take her all by himself. I'd say it's one thing when you can just stay home and spread all the toys out on the floor, but this is a little different. On the way home they stopped at United to pick up lunch, medicine, and a few things we justs had to have. Scout loves her Daddy and he absolutely adores her.

Let's see....she's also been sort of making a fist. Surely that means she'll be tuff, right?

I'm sure the patty-cake thing is totally coincidence. She probably has no idea what she's doing and won't do it again for several months, but parents like to think their kid is smart!! I can't believe I actually captured this on video. Lucky!!

Old Friends

Scout and I recently met up with some old friends. Well, I guess they are her new friends. Anywho...I worked with Margie and Stephanie at the museum. Stephanie is also a stay-at-home mom and great fun to be around. Her daughters Emma and Ellie are cute, sweet, and so well behaved. Margie is my best-good-bad friend. She has always been so good to me. How nice that we could meet and catch up. We need to make a habit of it.

Emma, Steph, Ellie, Margie, Tori, and Scout

Steph and the kiddos!

Christmas Part B

On Thursday evening (was that Christmas Day? long ago I can't even remember) the Smith crew, Bob, Tam, Brook, & Kait, came to our house. We opened gifts that evening. Scout got soooo much stuff, mostly clothes that she actually needed and is already getting to wear. We got to have our company until Sunday, which was especially nice since we never get to see Brook & Kait.

When Mrs. Photographer (Kait) is around I don't take pictures. Then I have to wait and get them from her.....etc. By the way she now has her own little website thing up. It is The password for Scout's album is smith. The pics are awesome!!

Scout & Uncle Brook

Scout with one of her books.

Aunt Kait & Scout

Scout & Grams reading.

Kait took this....isn't it great?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Part A

I can't believe I've been putting this off for so long. I tend to dread big projects. Sorry 'bout ya.......cuz now I probably won't post as much as if I'd done it right when it happened.

Here goes......
Laverne, Scout, & Myself

Scout's first introduction to Santa!!

Tripp & Trail singing to Scout.
(OK...just Trail. Tripp stopped when he realized I was videoing.)

Summer in the "birthday sombrero". I can't believe she is 16!

The girls and the awesome cake Hope made.

Scout with the silly face on....(Trail got it at the nursing home.)

Mom cooking on the "Home Comfort" (wood cook stove). You know, everything just tastes better!!

Our cowgirl in the making. (Clean rope, I promise!)

Preston & Scout Preston

Scout & Aunt Pat playing.

Baby wrestling! Pretty sure Scout lost. Tyleigh is crawling so good!!

Jaimie, Tyleigh, Scout, & Myself

If you look looks like the babies are talking to each other.

The Whole Bunch at Mimi & Papa's!!