Sunday, August 1, 2010

Farm Kids

So we cooked out at the feedyard the other evening. It was kind of a celebratory thing for Riley and Tripp. They recently had a little work done to their arena. The return alley is also the roping steer pen and it had built up with manure over the past years and therefore the fence was slowly going over. So let me explain why this was such a deal. Their beloved arena and place of "work" was out of commissh for approximately one week. If you know Riley and Tripp very well, you would understand why that it such a big deal. It was finally completed on Thursday evening and we had to have our supper there instead quitting at a decent time and coming home. Fine by me, because Hope always ends up doing all the cooking anyways.

I titled this farm kids, because that is really what they look like in the pictures. There are a few tractors parked right where we cook so all of our pics are by tractors. I stole the one of Scout in the tractor tire from Summer.

Scout driving the old blue Ford tractor that belonged to my grandpa Henry. Thanks Tripp for passing it down to us.

Summer's friend Justin joined our bunch. (Seriously, they're just friends.)

What are we gonna do when this girl goes to college? (tear...)

Blue eyes posing for the camera. Awesome picture Summer!!

Notice I didn't get a single one of the guys roping or the new arena alley. Oooppps!! Just not quite as important as these cuties.

Join us sometime......Hope cooks some mean sausage and veggies.

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Kait said...

I am just so proud of you and your regular posting!! Keep it up ma'am!!