Monday, August 16, 2010

Things Could Be Worse.....

So.....there was a moment in time during the rodeo in Alpine that I just knew we weren't going to win. Riley took the saddle horn to the chest when his bronc came over backwards in the chute. We knew he was going to catch his air again and that he was also being offered a re-ride. I found myself all pumped about the re-ride and then it just hit me. He could have been badly hurt and I'm thinking about the re-ride. I sort of caught myself just wanting to win so bad that I could taste it. Nuts!! We weren't going to win probably to learn me a lesson.

I took hardly any pictures. Not sure why because it is a very beautiful place. We saw lots of century plants growing out in the pastures. Those are so cool, Pat had/has one I think. I need one someday.

The silhouettes of "our" cowboys across the way.

Brothers (in-law) discussing their game plan in the doctoring.

You can't tell it here, but Red is about to "go for broke" on his heel shot and it worked. Their time in the doctoring was 25 sec, which only won second place. I'm telling you people this rodeo was tough.

Prizes, prizes, let's talk about prizes. Most rodeos that we go to don't give cash awards for winning events, much less prizes. If so it would usually only be for winning first. Some of the items in our bags of loot provided by Big Bend Saddlery were a huge cowboy coffee mug, platter, reins, bit, rope, roping DVD, hat gift certificate, jeans gift certificate, Schaffer vest, saddle second place really isn't that bad.

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