Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Scout started gymnastics yesterday. I thought I was an advocate of waiting until about 3rd grade to start extra-curricular activities and instead we didn't even wait until she was 3 years old. She did really well and only threw a minor fit because she didn't want to sit and wait her turn.

There are only 5 girls in her class. Luckily she adores Gracee and will do anything she does.

This girl could do front flips all day long.

Back flips are new for us.

She is supposed to be jumping with her arms to her sides like the instructor is modeling. I think she was just having fun getting some "air".

The meltdown.......who wants to wait their turn, really!!

When the lesson is over the kids get to play in a foam pit.

Throwing foam cubes at everyone is hilarious!!

Miss Dare-Devil was not afraid to swing on the rope above the pit.


Andrew & Cristin said...

Hey Tori! So happy for you too! I can't wait, I'm due October 3rd but hopefully next month he'll make his debut. Your family is just adorable. Love reading your blog and catching up!

Summer said...

She definatley has a future in gym...and I think she is already more athletic than me.

Kait said...

Well at least she wasn't shy about making it known that she didn't want to wait her turn. :) - Too cute!!