Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mimi's House!!

This past Thursday afternoon, Hope and I and our girls and boy headed to Mimi and Papa's house. We thought it was perfect "Mimi time" since our boys were driving to a rodeo in NE early Friday morning. On Friday we worked in Mimi's classroom, cooked, set up for the cookout, bagged green chili's for Hope's freezer, napped, fished, and as usual ate like pigs.

On Saturday Sandhill participated in the Maverick Ranch Rodeo in Cimarron. We continued the streak of bad luck, which means we didn't win. We have ordered matching shirts just to see if it helps out this weekend in Alpine. No pressure guys!!

Scout had to settle for throwing rocks into Charette Lake. She really wanted to swim, but the water was pouring in off the mountains so we didn't try that.

It was kind of a long rocky hill down to the water. She would just take off and could move pretty good. I hated for her to have a skinned face because I was lazy so we took turns walking around with her. Of course she wouldn't just chill on a rock and enjoy the evening like Summer is doing here.

Mimi helped Trail with the fishing. He can cast pretty good. We weren't having much luck so we all took a turn on the fishing pole. Hope claimed she was getting some bites and I said I didn't come all that way for her to catch a fish. Can you feel the sisterly love?

Preston & Le Roy doing their part for the cookout at the Wood House. Just teasing, Preston cooked burgers and helped serve the ice cream. (You know it was so he could steal a bite here and there.)

Ivy, Clay, and Trail when they weren't digging around in the irrigation ditch for creatures. Yuck!! This brings on the story of Scout and Trail carrying around big cups of those tiny frogs. Carrying them around the house that is!! Has Mimi lost her mind? I almost did when Scout came to me saying, "I drop it". Thank goodness Trail was there to catch it.

Deep in thought? Not sure what is going on here. Probably shouldn't even ask.

Scout and Hattie trying their hand at roping. Doesn't look too good really!

Scout wanted to catch a horse, which isn't too convenient so Tripp put the halter on Raider. He mostly led Scout around.

Evidence of how tasty that ice cream really is. Scout had about five bowls and even drank it after it melted.

This is the "I'm about to jump" look. Seriously, give the girl a few steps and she's content to go up and jump down all day long.

Enjoying the cool evening, delicious food, and good company.

and games...........There just has to be a little competition!!

Croquet. We used to play it all the time when I was growing up. Scout couldn't stay hooked very well and wanted to use her "club/mallet" for other things.

All prettied up on Sunday morning!

Lunch at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron. Very interesting and super cool. I love me some green chili smothered burrito or pretty much anything for that matter.

What do I say?

The whole bunch, so glad David & Julie were able to join us!

The patio at the St. James is just awesome.......I need it at my house.


Kait said...

LOVE the patio! I need one too!

Summer said...

You didn't just freak out when scout dropped the frog...you went bolistic, I thought we were gonna have to call an ambulance or exterminator or something!!! But its ok, you'll get use to that kind of stuff when you have a boy!