Thursday, August 19, 2010


Scout and I were simply spectators at the J-5 Ranch this week. The branding pen is shaped like a triangle and it's hard to keep the calves on one end. Not to mention they were pretty big and snorty. Since I'm not moving super fast these days and especially not carrying a 30 lb kiddo, we decided to watch from the flatbed. Good thing, cuz it got a little wild a few times.

Headin' and heelin'

Charlie-charolais (the calf) is about to be swarmed by the cowboys. I just liked this picture because everyone is on the move. In case you aren't from these parts.......the calf doesn't really have a name. I call all Charolais (a breed) cattle, Charlie.

Clifford (Jearl's son) bringing one to the fire.

Here we are on the flatbed I was talking about. You need to move around to get good pictures. Sorry about that!!

Riley and Scout on Breezy.

Come out to the Earth Ranch Rodeo this Saturday. Tom Brown is announcing, some local cowboys, some not, some good hands, some not, may be a few wrecks, may not. You never know what may happen, but it should be some good entertainment!!

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