Saturday, August 21, 2010

Easily Excited!

Hope, Scout, and I went to an antique auction this morning in Hereford. I'm so proud of my bargains.....not going to tell you exactly how much (or not) of a bargain my purchases were. There were so many really nice things that you just don't see that often.

First off Scout stripped down to her diaper. Next she smeared lotion all over our legs. Finally she spilled her coke. Do you think the lady turned me down when I requested they sell certain items? Uhhh....negative.

Frederic Remington bronze "The Rattlesnake"

C.M. Russell "Cowboy Sport Roping a Wolf"

C.M. Russell "The Strenuous Life"

I think they will match my living room perfectly!!

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Kait said...

LOVE the pics! And soo proud of you and all your posts! Way to go!