Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finally, finally.....

I have tons to blog about and am running way behind schedule as usual, but I'm just going to share a real quick thing.  

I finally met my bloggy friend Jennifer this past weekend.  We've been trying to bump into each other for ages, but it just hasn't worked out.  

She is so tiny and cute, such a sweetheart.  We have so much in common it's unreal.  Too bad we don't live a little closer.

I can't wait to meet her in Clovis for a chaotic (2 kids each) day of shopping, eating, etc.

Her blog is private, so I can't just send you right over.  If you just have to know her, shoot me an e-mail and I'll get you in touch.

I also met super-mom, Rain.  She is to be admired.  I can't wait to start following her blog.

So here's to my good-cowgirl-mama friends  around the world.  I love you all and what you're doing!!


Rachel said...

Ahh, so much fun!! :)

Elizabeth Martin said...

Very cool! There are a handful of blogger gals I wished lived closer! Looks like you gals had a good time@

Jennifer said...

How did I miss this? Oy.
Anyway, so much fun meeting you!!! I hope we'll get to meet up again soon!