Thursday, August 16, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, Tandy and I took our kiddos to Mimi and Papa's for a couple of days.  We kind of barged in on Mimi's last free weekend before she started back to school.  

It was a super fun time just seeing the sights and being with family (cuz we sure didn't catch any fish).

These two are getting so big!
...on the way up to Valle Vidal!
My kids and I with Papa!
Scout was afraid to get out at first....I guess too many bear stories.
Tandy  & the boys
Little Miss had to have a pink Princess fishing pole!
Scout did a great job casting her line.
Patience....not so much.
Teaching brother how to cast!
With me, Reno wanted to run out in the water.
With Papa, he would just sit and talk about it.
Of course!
Tandy & I with Mimi
We drove on down the other side of the mountain and came out near Questa.
We came through Red River, Eagle Nest, and then back to Cimmaron.  So that made a total of around 55 miles of slow going mountain roads and not sure about highway.
Kids did great though!
Mimi and Reno walked the trails at the Gravel Pond in Cimarron Canyon.
Believe it or not, he never fell in the water all day.
Newest little fisher of the family!
Gravel Pond was so pretty and a very neat campsite.
Well, unless you read about the creepy campers and theft that went on that weekend.  My friend Jennifer and her family camped there.
Papa babysitting once again!
Mimi fixing Scout up to go exploring the trails.  Scout left her pole to Papa and Reno.
Thank goodness for grandparents to help chase kids.
Me and kids!  We were a little chilly up at the top.
I usually take all kinds of things we don't need, so I threw out the jackets.  So dumb!
The Cimarron WRCA Ranch Rodeo was on Saturday.  We went to watch just for kicks even though Sandhill wasn't in it.  This is how Reno fell asleep.  Kind of odd......of course then he didn't sleep all the way home.  Seriously!!  Didn't sleep on the way up until we went over Mimi's cattle guard a half mile from the house.  lol
My super-duper Mama and I!

Soffing Siting #1
Scout soffed Mimi all the way through the Canyon.
Soffing Siting #2
Scout soffed Tate all the way home to TX.
I should explain the "soffing" a little.  Scout has had this thing since she was around a year old that she needs to "soff" your arm.  She prefers women and children, men not so much.  I guess their arms aren't soft enough.  She mostly does it when she has gum in her mouth, is eating, or going down for a nap.  You can see in the pic with Tate that she is sucking on her gum too.  At least she doesn't have to do it to fall asleep.  Silly girl!

Happy Mountains to all.  It seems like everyone is taking a little va-cay to the mountains this year.  Maybe this winter we'll try letting her snow ski.  I'd better go before I completely forget how.


Jennifer said...

I still can't believe we were at the same camp ground, and didn't know it! I bet ya'll walked right by my folks!
I'm not sure there were any fish there... If there was, they sure weren't hungry!

Rachel said...

Looks and sounds like fun was had.

Kait said...

LOVE the fishing pics (especially showing Reno how). SO cute!