Friday, July 27, 2012

Fifteen Tidbits

I'm playing along with Little Prairie Baby and will share a few facts about myself.  I feel kind of silly because I feel like most of my readers are family, but here goes.  Pretend you didn't know!!

1.  I'm the baby!  Tripp is ten years older and Tandy seven.
My sister "telling me something"!  lol
2.  My Dad was killed in a horse accident when I was thirteen.  I also have the most wonderful step-dad in the world!!  I would say I have two dads.
My family is so silly!!
3.  My mom and I are twins, at least Riley and Preston swear to it.  She and I are very close.  I don't even have to say that I want to be like her......I am!!
This is what my family did to me at our wedding!!
The photographer was offended.  lol
4.  Riley is 3+ years younger than me.  

5.  I thought he was soooo stuck up and we fought like cats and dog until we started dating!

6.  I've never had an epidural.  TMI??  Sorry, but I'm pretty proud of it.  

7.  I'm pretty much convinced that caffeine makes me sick, but I still have it sometimes.

8.  I have a degree in finance and am certified to teach EC-4 and 4-8 Math.  I hope to never use these again.  lol

9.  We are a part of a non-denominational church that meets in homes.  It's even here on 2nd and 4th Sundays and every Wednesday night!

10.  Almost everything in my house is a sentimental hand-me-down, a garage/estate sale find, or a trade from my mom.

11.  I am becoming less and less of a "real-go-out-and-get-er-done" cowgirl by the moment.  I am becoming more and more of a "mama-cook-it-clean-it-raise-babies-support-hubby" cowgirl by the moment.  

12.  I love basketball!  Just ask Summer and Autumn...I get so excited at their ball games.

13.  My left elbow comes out of socket very, very easily.  Like I might reach out to open a door and there it goes.  This has been happening since 6th grade.

14.  I most likely have ADD.  I can work all day, but there is nothing finished.

15.  I have the best hubby and most wonderful children a girl could ever ask for!


Jennifer said...

Fun, fun!
Love your family picture, so cute and your skirt is adorable!
Love your comment- "mama-cook-it-clean-it-raise-babies-support-hubby" cowgirl by the moment.
Can so relate!

Kait said...

The only one I didn't know was the weird elbow thing. You'll have to show me sometime. You've already seen my crazy, double jointed fingers. :)

Cheyenne said...

I'm so glad to know more about you. Your family is seriously magazine worthy! I love your skirt.

A few times through this whole blogging thing, I've had a deep sigh at the end of reading someone's post and wished they lived approximately one zillion miles closer and I didn't meet them through the internet, cause that is sort of strange. I feel like we could be fast friends! ;)

Rachel said...

Loved reading more about you, girl!
Yes, like the others, love your family picture, and your skirt!

Amanda Haney said...

So I was looking at my blog stats and I have the most views from your blog! ever. That's crazy! I'm going to take your button and show you some blog lovin! Way to go on not getting an epidural! You're way braver than I would've been. I had no choice though, because of the c section, but still wouldn't of went natural I don't think. That's definiately something to be proud of!! Are yall gonna be at Witchita? I'm gonna be there Friday night. Love that skirt in the picture!!

Tandy Adams said...

Well thanks for posting the wonderful picture of me sticking my finger in your face! Is this payback for your bikini pics on my blog? LOL... great blog. Love you baby sis!o

Elizabeth Martin said...

Love the skirt! How cute! Great points!

Elizabeth Martin said...
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