Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 there have been quite a few little po-dunk ranch rodeos around.  I don't really mean anything by "po-dunk" other than they aren't WRCA sanctioned and a guy can usually be on more than one team.  Therefore, it turns out to be a small group of guys and they just team up differently to make 10-15 teams.  Crazy and confusing.
Bethany & Leah got to ride Rose!
I think they will be needing their own pony soon.
Earth actually has one of these ranch rodeos now instead of the amateur rodeo they used to have.  I think the town folks like watching people they know.
See what I mean about the dust! (Riley's face)
Lazbuddie FFA had one for a fund raiser.  It turned out well except for the arena needed some water.  You would see the guys take out after a cow or yearling and then you couldn't see much until the dust settled and they were leaving the arena.

Trail has been putting on some little (bull) calf riding as well.  It's been pretty fun to watch all the younger ones try their hand at bull riding.  It seems like they all want to ride.  

At Lazbuddie I asked Scout if she wanted to ride.  She replied "no" and kept on playing in the dirt.  I reminded her to watch Trail.  Trail and a few more rode then she says, "Mama I want to ride a calf".  I said, "Take off" since we weren't near the bucking chute.  Summer took her over there and then she was on a calf before I knew what was going on.  Her dad held on to her so she didn't hit ground.
Can you tell she was proud of herself?
Sorry for poor pic quality...it's all I got.
The only other thing that has been happening in our little world is that we got a puppy.  I have been so good at saying no for ages, well since Christmas.  lol  The other day Riley even offered to get me a Corgi or some kind of "pet dog" in replacement of child #3.  He is such a party pooper.  

So, when Larkin said they had border collie/kelpie puppies to get rid of I jumped at the chance.

Rocket Dog at the vet!
Sorry I cut his head off.
This little guy is precious.  His name is Rocky but I call him "Rocket Dog". Yes, like the shoes.  I think it's cool!

We've been letting him stay in the backyard on hot afternoons and so-far-so-good.  He mostly naps in the shade.

Now for just a few random pics
Reno in Tripp's hat.
I caught these two reading books like this.

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