Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School

Old Settler Reunion in Roaring Springs, Texas is near back-to-school.  This year it was right before.  We competed on Friday night.  We chose to go ahead even though we have qualified for the WCRR.  That's how much we love their little rodeo.  Check out the Working Ranch Cowboys Association's facebook page.  It gives me the shivers, because that's my handsome hubby on their cover photo. 

We had times in everything and pretty darn good ones, but I don't even think we placed.  That's how tough the rodeo was.  Riley did win top hand though.  Yes, I am his braggy wife.  I guess it's pretty easy to do since he is Mr. Modest about himself.

My mom's precious cousin Mary Beth (aka Mirt) and her hubs Chris come to the rodeo every year.  They own an LMH, a motorhome, bus, whatever you want to call it and stay in Roaring Springs quite often.  Mr. Reno is pretty big pals with Mr. Chris.   
You'll have to excuse my bad photography.  It's kind of hard to get any action shots when you are 5'3" and there's a silly chicken wire (not really) looking fence in the way.

On with the back-to-school......Scout isn't actually going to pre-K this year.  I decided that it would sort of put me out of a job if I sent her to school.  Actually it's that I can't bear the idea of losing her (to a stupid school).

We partied with all the other back-to-schoolers as if we were going.  lol

Jenna Beth (will be in Reno's class) & her big sis Emma!
These girls got this horse to really spinning!!  One time I thought Scout might give up and be bucked off , but she out-lasted him. lol
More of Scout's classmates....(when she goes).  Caleb and Gerrit in the front.  Caleb's twin, Carly with Scout in the back.  
Gracee (my old boss Brad's daughter) and Scout!
Next year Reno and I will be crying that she's in school.  For now, I'm just thankful, grateful, overjoyed, relieved, and ecstatic about not starting myself.  I am truly fortunate to get to stay home with these darlings and not have to wrestle 8th graders.


Rachel said...

We were going to go to Roaring Springs, but then I needed to be at church for a meeting. It'd have been a blast I'm sure!

Yay for a Top Hand award!

I know, school. Shew-y. We start home-schooling Monday morn. Technically TK wouldn't be getting enrolled in public school if we were sending him there, but we are going to go ahead and try him, hopefully it goes well. I'm a little bit nervous about the whole thing, but it'll be alright. ;)

Jennifer said...

I'm glad we didn't waste our time or money at Roaring Springs, I guess our team got smart and decided it wouldn't be worth the embarrassment. Ha! ;)
Yay for Riley! I always brag on mine too, cause to hear him tell it, he's never done anything in his life. ;) He just won the rookie bronc riding at Cheyenne, still holds the arena record, and... well, I'll stop now. ;) Anyways.
Oh school.. I'm so glad I have a year or two left myself. If we're still here, I'll be homeschooling, and I'm just a little stressed about that. But we can't send them to school here, we just can't. They are awful. I keep hoping we'll end up somewhere with a small, rural, type school.