Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I've been trying to keep up with this Instagram photo a day stuff.  It appears that I'm not so good either.  Not sure why, because I always have my phone.  It probably has something to do with two small children, dogs, chickens, a garden, and a house to keep.  Wah, huh?

Just for fun here are a few that I participated in.
Handwriting (Riley's too!  lol)
Why did I put my closet?  I have many closets that look much better than this.
except I forgot so it was Scout's Sno Man Cone.

Mirror Pic...
wearing my new favorite tie-dye denim jacket/shirt.

Sandhill end of month computer screen.

Self Portrait

Something you love!
That would be turquoise, junk, and western decor.


Cheyenne said...

Love your "phone dumps," seriously! It gives me such a sweet glimpse into your life.

I think Scout looks so much like you. What a sweetie pie!

I also think it's funny you think THAT is a messy closet. Lady, you have never stepped foot into mine---one that a baby lived in for eight months--there are still pink blankets folded up on the shelf & little lady is now one!

Jennifer said...

I love it too! And ditto Cheyenne again, Scout is the spitten image of her momma!

Rachel said...

Yep, another lovin' it goes out to you! ;)

Elizabeth Martin said...

Yep - Love the photos - especially the last one :)