Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seymour & More

A week or so ago we went to Seymour to spend the night with Riley's aunt and uncle.  Kevin and Jody have a beautiful place and it just gives me the "wants" when we visit.  Jody teaches swimming lessons at her own pool and I wish so badly that Scout could take from her.  We just may be going down again before the season is over.  

 The next morning we headed to Vernon for a little pickup shopping.  We pretty much already knew exactly which pickup we wanted.  Vernon Auto Group sells Ford, Chevy, Dodge you name it, they have it.  

We arrived at 9 am and left town around 3 pm.  All but lunch was spent there at the dealership.  They were really great, but trading in our pickup etc took a really long time.  Needless to say the kids started to get pretty restless.  

 There isn't too much difference in the old pickup and the new one.  We went for a lighter color this time.  They claim the older ones get better gas mileage etc.  We must be plain idiots to trade but both vehicles are about the same age and we didn't want to have to upgrade at the same time.   We left a little wedding confetti in the old one.  Seriously can you believe it was still there after almost 7 years?  Krisitin sure knows how to decorate a going away pickup.  Wow....that's a whole story for another time.  lol

 Thank goodness the silly thing fits in the garage.  It's kind of sad to leave it sitting there and drive my old car around.  That's ok though.  Most likely we will have this same pickup when Scout graduates from high school.  lol  Maybe she can buy it from us.  


Rain Barnes said...

I recently bought an Expedition and I told Bryce the same thing. I'm happy to drive this until Buster needs a vehicle. Let me tell you, there wasn't wedding confetti, but my oh my did we find some odd things in the new to us but used vehicle. LOL

Jennifer said...

Yay for new wheels! That is why we got a diesel, not for the gas mileage, but for the fact that it'll have to last us until the kids are grown. I did tell J at some point, we might have to find an older, cheap car, or something a little easier on fuel. ;) Which will also save on miles for the pickup that needs to last us a lifetime. ;)
I haven't been to Seymour in so long... I have a lot of family that live there, grandparents included. And my mom grew up in Vera, so she went to school there.

Rachel said...

Whoo-hooo for new wheels!

Swimming looks like fun, seems summer has flown right on by, gee. :/

Cheyenne said...

Exciting times...and I don't just mean the new ride. I mean y'all get to visit places where folks have their own real live outdoor swimmin holes...that don't freeze over and can actually host folks swimming in them! :)

I love your photos and a glimpse into your sweet family life.

Amanda Haney said...

Yay for getting a new pickup. I love Vernon, were going there next weekend.