Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Talky Tuesday

This was supposed to happen yesterday, or maybe even last Monday.  I guess my motto should be better late than never, because it seems like that's pretty much what I live by.  

Talky has always been a pretty good description of myself.  I need to have a name for every day of the week and try to stick with it.  Help or any takers?  It would be fun if we all did the same thing on the same day.

We've been busy running back and forth to Floydada.  What could be so great to go twice a week for three weeks (on our second week now)?  I am going to an Upper Cervical Chiropractor.  That is not your traditional roll-you-up-in-a-ball-crack-you-a-million-times chiropractor.  My hip and sciatic nerve have been bothering for over a month and I'm finally getting some relief.  If you want to know more I'd be glad to share the little I know.

My little workout-girl had to be dressed exactly like me.  She came outside and was looking for words to explain that she couldn't find her sports bra.  It was too funny.  I told her that her swim top would be perfect for the occasion.

 My little goober boy loves "haats", except when it comes to really wearing a cap or hat somewhere.  He found this little beanie in the baby doll/dress up drawer.  
 One day last week there was a delivery to our house.  Two yummy mango salsa candles from our neighboring farmer.  This man sent candles to about 6 or 7 of us that live near the farm land he was spreading manure on.  Seriously....how many men think like that.  I thanked him of course and then explained that he might have made a mistake because now I may expect a new candle every time he spreads manure.
 Scout is becoming quite the artist all of a sudden.  She is best at writing a bunch of letters and then asking me what it says.  Pretty funny!!  She can identify each letter, write them by name, tell what sound each letter makes, and name the letter by the sound.  We are doing a little school work when we are home.  I just picked up a floor notebook at Sam's and another workbook at Wal-Mart.  The rest is stuff that I already had or mom has given us.  Below are her Brahma drawings.  Her cousin, Trail aka Brahma Breeder, has instilled some serious Brahma pictures into her little mind.  
 The kids got to play in Tripp's new round pen sand last week.  Of course Max and Chief, our puppy Rocket's brother, joined in the fun.  Talk about sand everywhere.....
Ok, first of all I hate taking pics of myself like this but sometimes I do it anyways.  Just showing off my new and favorite coral pants.  I found them on sale at Kohl's for $8.  They are Lauren petite and a little big, but I love being able to dry them.  I think they will be cuter with a denim shirt and some sort of black and white stripes.  We'll see!
Finally, finally, finally.....these two are playing better together.  Of course there's always the "sharing" issue, but we are making progress.  He actually cooperates with her doctoring and such now.  This stool came out of the bathroom (since it's torn all to heck...another story) and it made a perfect bed for brother.  

Okra or oooqqa at our house has been a staple this summer.  We have eaten it probably 4 or 5 times a week all summer long.  It is the one thing from the garden that I'm going to miss so much.  I've been trying to put some up.  I need a Food Saver, probably everyone has one except for me.  The process includes, washing, cutting it up, mixing it with a little egg and milk, coating in flour and corn meal, freezing on a cookie sheet, and bagging.  REPEAT.....repeat like 5 times a day.


Rain Barnes said...

That is the sweetest idea with the candle.

We have Brahma's in a pasture we walk near every morning and Bailey calls them the "humps". We're working on a more socially acceptable nickname for them.

I just put up all those darn apples, Buster just asked tonight if we could buy some at the store since I used them all up. I still want to do jelly, but don't know if I have the energy. Taht okra looks yummy!

Good for Scout. The twins aren't nearly as far as Buster was at this age and it's starting to freak me out. :( I need to get busy!

Jennifer said...

I like the idea of doing a post for certain days of the week! In fact, before you mentioned it, I may have had the thought of stealing your Talky Tuesday idea. ;)

I don't have a food saver!!! Your not the only one. :) Mmm, I wish I had some fresh okra, my garden was pitiful this year.

Kaitlyn said...

Saylor says bring us some okra!! Guess her and Reno man have the same weird hat fetish going on, huh? :)

Rachel said...

We have strange cow pictures being drawn by boys, as well. ;)

Okra looks yummy! Ours, of all the stuff in the garden, didn't do so great, a bummer!
I don't have a food saver, either. So, that makes three of us. ;)

Rachel said...

We have strange cow pictures being drawn by boys, as well. ;)

Okra looks yummy! Ours, of all the stuff in the garden, didn't do so great, a bummer!
I don't have a food saver, either. So, that makes three of us. ;)