Friday, June 15, 2012

Scout's Birthday: Part 3

 I'm just about worn out with all these birthday posts, so I'm sure everyone else is too.  We haven't even officially had a party yet either.  Spoiled girl!

This past Tuesday we met Gigi and Papaw in Amarillo. We have only been to Chuck E Cheese's three times, including this trip.  Honestly it is pretty cool.  I feel comfortable there because people can't just walk out with a kid.  Also, the salad and pizza is good too.

It was really a hit this time, because they had a brand new game.

 So it's a pretty big horse, but you have to weigh 50 lbs. to make him go.  It also had a computer screen where the race takes place.  He wasn't that easy to steer either.  

So picture this.  Riley on the head keeping him out of fences, me pushing down on the seat so we'll weigh enough, and Papaw was being silly cranking on his tail.  I'll bet those poor people thought we are true rednecks.  No pics of it because Gigi was chasing after Reno while this was going on.  
More cupcakes!!  I think I've eaten like 19 cupcakes in the past week.  Yikes!  Reno takes after his Mama and favors the icing more than the cake.


The surprise.....a neon, seriously NEON, pink big girl bicycle.  It's pretty cool, all lady bug, polka-dotted.  She's loving it!!

She did have a small crash into the garage door earlier today, but I think she'll have it figured out in no time.

Also, please go check out The Rustic Chick.  My little birthday girl just so happens to be one of the stars there today.


Rachel said...

Oooo, I love me some cupcakes!

Cute pink bike, too! She seems to have a never ending birthday bash!! So fun!

Kait said...

Love the bike! Quite the stylish ride! And famous too! Go Scoutie!