Monday, June 11, 2012

Scout Preston - 4 yrs

Our sweet girl is 4 already!  Where has the time gone.  It seems like yesterday I was overdue and about to lose my mind.  She came into this world raring to go and nothing has changed yet. 

Scoutie is very big for her age.    She is generally the size of a 5 or 6 year old.  This must be that Smith gene coming through.

She loves to sing the Star Spangled Banner.  She has known the words since Christmas.  Of course there are times that she adds a few words in or substitutes her own words.  For example, "yet wave" is "twave" and for awhile "the land of the free" was "the land of the freaks".  Pretty hilarious!!  She also sings it at the top of her lungs and even explains that she wants to be heard.

Miss Scout loves horses, ponies, kitties, chickens, puppies, kid goats.  She loves pretty much any animal. 

As far as food goes, she is off of cottage cheese.  She will ask for it about once a month instead of once a day.  She loves meat and ketchup and grapes.  Chips and cheese (preferably from a concession stand) are also on her list of favorites.  Vanilla pudding and strawberry ice cream pops are some of Scout's favorite snacks.  Graham crackers, did I mention those?  She wants to have a graham cracker in her hand all day long.  For breakfast it is usually cint-amon toast or cint-amon toast crunch cereal.  Healthy, I know!

Scout is very athletic.  Jump, jump, jump!  She wants to jump on the bed, on the furniture, from one piece of furniture to another.  Her jumping makes me crazy!  Thank goodness Mimi and Papa bought she and Reno a trampoline for their birthdays.  We will most likely start gymnastics again in the fall.  She asks about it quite often.

She isn't too sure about the water.  Wants to swim all the time, just doesn't want her face in the water.  She has reverted back to being a little scared since Abilene.

Kissy, kissy.....well it isn't always that way.  This girl and her brother can fight like cats and dogs.  She has a hard time being patient with him, which is to be expected considering the patience her father and I have.  Every day he gets a little bigger and they play a little better.  Unfortunately I do have to say that she is very bossy.  Unfortunately I also have to confess that she inherited it from me.  

She is getting better and better in meeting (church).  There are set backs every once in awhile when brother is being a handful, but she just writes and writes most of the time.  Scout has a sweet little prayer.  She very readily says the blessing before meals when her Daddy asks her to.  She always says "thank you for the right things and the wrong things".  We aren't sure what exactly that means.  She closes "in Jesus name we prayer - Amen".  

Speaking of writing, Scout can write her name and has been able to for many months.  She writes it so well that it is written backwards at the top of her carseat.  Stink pot!! She has also written it on the wall above the light switch in her bedroom.  She can write almost any letter.  Of course the M sometimes looks like a W, etc but I'm so excited for her.

This past weekend Tripp ask Scout if she was going to be a breakaway roper or a barrel racer.  Her answer....."I'm going to be a jockey!"  I love her spirit.  She was all excited about the Belmont this weekend, but lost interest when the girl didn't win.  

We love you Scout and can't wait to see all that you will accomplish, conquer, and become!!

***Picture credit goes to my SIL Kaitlyn Smith.  Aren't they presh (Autumn's word)?


Jennifer said...

Yes, those pictures are presh! For sure!!!! Happy Birthday to Miss Scout!

Kait said...

Sweet little Scoutie! I can't believe how big she is already! Love you sweet girl!

Rachel said...

LOVE them, they are SO presh!!! Happy Birthday to Scout!!