Thursday, June 14, 2012

Glen Rose

 We participated in the All Around Ranch Rodeo Challenge this weekend in Glen Rose, TX.  My hat is off to the small town of 2,444 people.  There is quite a bit to do and it is right up our alley.  We came in third in the rodeo, which is pretty good considering 40 teams participated.  However, our ranch rodeoing is starting to go downhill.  Don't tell the guys I said this, I don't have to worry about them reading the blog, so they will only know if you tell.  We won Clovis, placed second at Haskell, and third in Glen Rose.  What's next, fourth place?  Bratty....I know, but it's mostly a joke.  lol
 We left home at 5:30 and arrived in Glen Rose around lunch time.  The trip went really fast (when you sleep, lol).  The kids had to have a quick spin on Wrinkle before slack.  I just love this pic!  
 The Slash B/Sandhill fans can get a little rowdy.  This was before we met up with the rest of our crew.  Slack went well, as did the Thursday night performance.  They take back the top 5 teams and a wild card.  We qualified 2nd team back.  Then we had Friday to just chill waiting for the Finals.

 We swam first thing Friday morning.  Friday,'s Scout's 4th Birthday!  She had some highs and lows, but it was mostly great! 

Trail is such a fish and my kids, well....not so much.  Reno is doing much better though and was floating around with Autumn.  Bad news....I'm thinking we hopped in the pool before it was ready for us.  Reno had diaper rash within just a few minutes.  We always wear the same swim diaper, so I know it wasn't the diaper itself.  Scout had a little bad luck later on as well.  We cleaned up and off to the zoo we went.

Fossil Rim is a pretty cool drive-thru zoo a few miles outside of Glen Rose.  It's a little pricey, but worth it since you aren't having to tote kids around.  Scout was all good until the deer tried loading up with us.  We laughed at how the water buffalo had a mane on top and one on bottom.  Reno mostly wanted to hang out the window (when he wasn't sleeping).

 Scout has a friend Trystan that we've seen at rodeos the last couple of years.  This time Trystan's dad was on our team so those two got to play.  She came to our pool on Friday afternoon for cupcakes and swimming.  Scout had taken a pretty long nap and I had an idea things weren't just right.  Sure enough, she started throwing up at the pool. Poor birthday girl!!  We ended up hanging out at the room and staying there while everyone else went to the Friday night performance.  
Saturday she was all better.  We shopped at a few stores, ate BBQ for lunch, junked on the town square, and went to the river.  

Riley was kind enough to give the kids, and himself, a nap at the room.  Hope and the girls and I went to the town square.  We loaded up on all kinds of goodies and enjoyed a piece of pie.  I chose lemon meringue, my favorite!!!  We picked up the kids and went to the river.  It was so cool, because instead of dirt on the bottom it was rock.  Wish we had something like that!  Next it was off to the rodeo.  It was sort of stressful, but fun!!  Maybe next year, right?


Kait said...

LOVE the one of Reno by the pool - SO cute! That zoo looks awesome! I've been to Glen Rose a few times when we lived up in FTW, but never realized how cool it is!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a blast! If only all ranch rodeo destinations had so many fun things to do! We have the Billy the Kid museum to look forward to at Ft.Sumner. HA!

Rachel said...

Fun! who knew a little ole town could be full of good stuff!! Guess it keeps everyone out of trouble, maybe?!
Love the pictures, sounds like everyone had a good time!!

Amanda Faith said...

I love Glen Rose! We're originally from Weatherford. Fossil Rim is really neat, I haven't been there in awhile. I love all these pics! Ya'll going to Waurika? We are. That'd be fun to meet up.