Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

 Saturday at noon we started the celebrating.  DR aka Don Randolph, my mom's big brother turned 75.  He lives here in Earth and we just don't see him as much as we should.  He is retired from farming and from building spurs.  Now he mostly chases grand kids to football, basketball, and softball/baseball games.  Don is the sweetest fella.  Happy Birthday!
After Sunday meeting the kids and I treated Riley to lunch at Leal's.  We had eaten there the day before and I paid with his money, but it was still a treat.  

Upon our arrival back home, I put Reno down for his nap.  Riley gave me a refresher course on the JD (mower) and he was free to nap.  I mowed and mowed, then I weeded the garden, then I push mowed under our trees.  That's a pretty good Father's Day gift, right? 

Then on Sunday evening we were invited to the Townsend's for supper and swimming/games.  We ended up without a swimming suit for Scout.  She was pretty proud of Autumn's suit being tailored to fit (hairbands at each hip).  
The kids had the greatest fun playing with kitties, pouring water on the puppy, playing baseball, looking at the horses, swimming, etc.
Is there a such thing as Older Cousins Day?  If so, we would treat Autumn like a queen.  It looked pretty cold.  Actually, we are so lucky with all these older cousins that do fun things. 
Happy Father's Day to our Dad!  We love you and appreciate all that you do for us.  I hope you know that every day of the year.


Rachel said...

Glad it was a good day!!
Love the pictures!

Kait said...

Scout looks adorable in that suit! And love the last one of Reno Man!